Is This The End For Steve Nash?

Forgotten in the growing problems of the LA Lakers, Steve Nash is a story many seem to want to forget since he joined the team.  

Although he has not yet confirmed his retirement, Steve Nash is well aware that the end of his career in the NBA is imminent. 

The guard of the Los Angeles Lakers spoke Tuesday morning on TSN Radio 1040 Vancouver. “Unfortunately, I went a little too far to the NBA level,” said the athlete 41 years old native of Victoria, British Columbia. “I play a game and then be away for a month. I have several back problems affecting a nerve. » 

Nash played just 45 games over the past two seasons and was inactive for the whole of this season because he has more back problems than a 80 year old. 

“I’ve never worked as hard as I have like the last 18 months , at a rate of twice a day almost every day, to try to at least come back for a final season,” said Nash. I have finally brought myself to the fact that I simply can’t do it anymore» 

Letter to Fans from Nash

In November, Nash had written an open letter to fans of the Lakers who were angry when they saw him play golf on a video posted on his Instagram account. He wrote that he “worked like a dog to not only recover from a setback in my rehabilitation, but regain the form that could lift and inspire fans in LA for my last lap. This was of course a disaster on both fronts, but I’ve never worked as hard, sacrificed much or faced a challenge as mentally and emotionally difficult as this.” 

Although disappointed of how his career seems to conclude, who was voted to eight All-Star teams and was elected MVP twice. 

“It’s hard, but I also feel a sense of acceptance because I gave everything I had. » 

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