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On November 6, the 24th entry in the James Bond franchise hits theatres, with Daniel Craig once again playing the lead role in Spectre. The movie is a sure bet to fill theatres for the remainder of the fall, but how good will the movie do on it’s opening weekend? Online sportsbook Bodog
has set the OVER/UNDER for Spectre’s domestic opening weekend at $90 million.

2012’s Skyfall earned a reported $88,364,714 on its domestic opening weekend, while Quantum of Solace in 2008 made $67,528,882 on its domestic opening weekend.

So far this year, five movies have cracked the $90 million dollar opening weekend mark, with Jurassic World earning an absurd $208 million, which set an all-time record.

How much will “007: Spectre” gross on its opening weekend at the box office?

Odds as of October 26 at Bodog

  • Over $90 million -120
  • Under $90 million -120

Who will be casted as the next James Bond?

After already playing James Bond in three films, Daniel Craig is signed to star as 007 at least one more time following Spectre, which will make him the third longest-serving Bond.

At 47-years-old, most assume the fifth time will be the last time for Craig to play Bond and speculation has already begun as to which actor will be next to play 007.

Some familiar English actors top the list, with Emmy winner Damian Lewis as a +200 frontrunner. Lewis is no stranger to gunplay and espionage after his award winning portrayal of U.S. Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in the television series Homeland.

Emerging action star Tom Hardy is second on the list at +250 with many viewing the edgy “Mad Max” star as a worthy selection to play Bond. Some of the more interesting names on the list include Jon Hamm (+5000), Peter Dinklage (+15000), Tom Cruise (+1500), and the longest shot available to wager on, P.Diddy, otherwise known as Puff Daddy, otherwise known as Sean Combs (+25000).

See the complete list below:

Who will be casted as the next James Bond?

Odds as of October 26 at Bodog

  • Damian Lewis +200
  • Tom Hardy +250
  • Idris Elba +400
  • Henry Cavill +500
  • Michael Fassbender +1000
  • Orlando Bloom +2000
  • Kit Harrington +3300
  • Nicolas Hoult +3300
  • Gerard Butler +5000
  • Jeremy Renner +5000
  • Jon Hamm +5000
  • Jude Law +5000
  • Clive Owen +3300
  • Benedict Cumberbatch +5000
  • Colin Farrell +10000
  • Eric Bana +10000
  • Peter Dinklage +15000
  • Tom Cruise +15000
  • Aaron Paul +15000
  • Will Smith +15000
  • Brad Pitt +20000
  • P. Diddy +25000


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