Katina Powell says NCAA did nothing when she told it about UL scandal

Katina Powell, whose memoir about sex parties, prostitutes and strippers at the University of Louisville’s athletic dormitory has sparked the biggest scandal in college sports this year, is now claiming she went to the NCAA with her story long before her book came out — and that the NCAA did nothing.

Powell and her two daughters appeared on The View on Friday. Powell was asked what her motivation for writing the book was, why she opted to blow the whistle. She said the idea for writing the book only got serious after she went to the NCAA with her story, and that the NCAA did not seem interested.

“First off, I called the NCAA and I tried to tell them my story,” Powell said on national television Friday. “I was asking them what should I do? Who should I go to and who could I talk to, but they wouldn’t give me any assistance. They didn’t want to talk, they didn’t want to hear about a college basketball team.”

At that point, Powell said, she Googled publishing companies and opted to take her story down the way of putting it in a book. Powell added, “It seemed like no one would listen to me, you know, it’s college basketball. No one wants to hear any of that.”

The NCAA, which is reviewing the scandalous case, does not typically offer comments or detailed responses to ongoing investigations. Given the nature of Powell’s accusation, CBS Sports has put in a request for a comment with the NCAA but has not heard back as of this publishing.

Powell also said that blowing the whistle on parties at U of L that spanned four years was not “always the plan,” but she kept the journals for her own “protection” in case any of this information came out from others down the road. She also was asked for her motivations in this, if she had been wronged. Her answer: “To sell a book,” and later emphasizing, “It’s about the book and the money. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t.”

Powell also said parents of former recruits/players also knew of the activities depicted in her book, “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen.”

Rod-ni and Lindsay Powell, Katina’s daughters, joined their mother on set on national television. Both have admitted to sleeping with former Louisville players. Katina Powell was asked how she could include her daughters in all of this. She responded, “My daughters brought their selves into the situation” in “late 2013.”

Powell claimed she began working “with U of L” in 2010.

Lindsay Powell said she only had sex with one player, once. A previous report by Outside the Lines details that player to be Russ Smith. Rod-ni Powell told Outside the Lines she previously slept with former Cardinals star Montrezl Harrell for “one hundred dollars, maybe a little more.”

“People are overlooking the bigger picture,” Rod-ni Powell said. “For god’s sake, people are sending their kids to universities and you’re not even current about the fact that this stuff happens and no telling what else happens. They caught us — what else are they doing?”

Rick Pitino is probably none too pleased with Andre McGee right now. (USATSI)
Rick Pitino is dealing with plenty of distractions this week. (USATSI)


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