Keno Casino Odds Explained


If you like longshot odds that can bring a huge payday from a small risk, Keno might be the game for you. Essentially a mini-lottery, Keno can have probabilities as high as 8.9 million to one.

The odds that will be offered to you depend on how many spots you pick.

The house edge on every bet in Keno is the same, but obviously it gets tougher to win with the more spots you choose.

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Keno is played with a set of 80 balls numbered 1-80. Twenty of those balls are randomly chosen and displayed. Before the selection the player bets on certain numbers, and if those numbers are the ones that are chosen, they win. The amount of their winnings depends on how many balls they correctly chose.

Odds of Winning

Selected Number – Odds
1 – 3 to 1
2 – 15.63 to 1
3 – 71.07 to 1
4 – 325 to 1
5 – 1,549 to 1
6 – 7,752 to 1
7 – 40,878 to 1
8 – 230,114 to 1
9 – 1,389,686 to 1
10 – 8,911,702 to 1

It’s possible to choose more than 10 numbers, but as you can see from the odds chart above it would be quite the longshot. Most Keno players don’t play more than six numbers at a time because their bankroll isn’t big enough to wait for a longshot pick to pay off.

The house edge in Keno is big and there are lots of other games in a casino that will give you better odds. If you pick six numbers on a $1 bet and hit all of them, your payout will be $1,500. But the probability of hitting six spots is 7,752 to one. That’s a big difference going to the house.

Studies of live Keno games have shown that payout rates averaged around 65%, leaving an average house edge of 30%. Video Keno returns are far better for the player, averaging a 90% return. That may make it seem like it’s better to play video Keno over a live game, but players will play more than 50 times as fast in a video Keno game than they would playing in a land-based casino.

Video Keno has offered players new variants of the game that add new elements to the games like free play. Variants like Cleopatra Keno and Triple Power Keno offer players new betting options and different angles to a winning round.

In Cleopatra Keno the player can get 12 free games if the last number drawn contributes to a win, and all wins during free play are doubled. In Triple Power Keno the same last ball draw hit rule will automatically trigger three more balls. Any win resulting from the extra balls will be tripled.

There are lots of different variants of the game, all are like the original and offer longshot options at a cheap price. It’s important to know the game you’re in well so you don’t miss any potential opportunities the game may offer. Be aware of the payouts table for each number of hits, as they will change from variant to variant.

If you’re a player that likes to play Keno action you’ll have to be a patient person with a decent size bankroll to expect much in the way of return. Wins are few and far between, but when they do come it can be a fat payday. If you manage to find yourself ahead in a game of Keno it’s highly recommended to get out with your winnings before the game takes it back from you.

The most important thing to consider when playing Keno is your bankroll. Few serious casino gamers play much Keno, but it can be fun to take a few chances every now and then, especially following a win on another game when you have a few extra bucks in the bankroll. Unlike games like Blackjack or Baccarat, Keno limits should be very small, both losing and winning.

If you are a regular player of Keno you should keep your stakes levels very low so you can enjoy the game for a longer time. Playing at stakes too large will eat up your cash in a hurry in Keno, so stretch out your playing time by playing at the lowest possible stakes the game will allow you to play. A big hit will still pay out big bucks even if it comes when you’re playing small stakes.

Keno offers the chance to hit it big in a short time with a small risk. But just like the weekly lottery offered at your local corner store, the odds of winning are very tough. There’s no strategy to Keno. The numbers are selected at random, and winning money at Keno is all about luck, not skill.



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