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What exactly makes an online casino web site legal? This is a loaded question and depends on where you live, who you ask and your personal tolerance for being told what to do with your time, money and life. If you read the news you may have been led to believe that online gambling is illegal. Of course there are a few places where this is true, but in most places it is false and the so called journalist spouting the lies is either too lazy to investigate the truth or too stupid to understand. Sadly, with the state of journalism in today’s world either is a possibility. Keep reading to learn more about legal casino sites.

Legal United States Casinos

One of the largest player pools for online casinos and also one of the most misunderstood legal situations belongs to the United States. If you read the news from the US much you are sure to have seen stories and headlines about it being illegal to gamble online if you live there. While there are some laws that deal with online gambling, the one that is most often mentioned, and completely misunderstood in many cases, is the UIGEA. It is a federal law that deals with the banking industry. It makes it illegal for banks to process gambling transactions, but it doesn’t even define gambling. It also doesn’t make it illegal for US citizens to gamble online.

When the UIGEA was passed, many payment processors and online casinos left the US market. All of the Microgaming backed casinos left as well as many others. But many online casinos remain in the market. You can still find hundreds of online casinos where you can play real money casino games. You can also find poker rooms where you can play and places that accept sports bets.

I have played poker and casino games and placed sports bets over the years without any issues. It can be an adventure at times getting money into and out of online gambling establishments, but I have always been able to do so one way or another.

Is It Legal to Gamble Where I Live?

So how do you determine if it is legal for you to gamble online in your country? I suggest trying to find out if anyone has ever been arrested for gambling online in your country. If there have been players arrested, I would try to find out the details, like if they were betting on sports or if there were other circumstances involved. In the United States the government doesn’t arrest and / or prosecute players. The government even helped make sure all of the players who had money in Neteller were able to get their money back out when they forced Neteller to exit the market.

As far as I know, there has never been anyone arrested in the United States for gambling online. If you run an online sports book or take bets over the phone you may be arrested, but there is a specific law called the wire act that deals with those circumstances. If you are still concerned, find an attorney who specializes in gambling law in your country of residence.

If it’s Illegal, Why Are There Casinos Operating Here?

That is an excellent question that seems like it would have a simple answer. It would seem that if you can access an online casino you should be allowed to play. However, the truth is not as simple as that. You are probably ok to play, but the Internet is a worldwide system and the laws are different in different countries. So a business can open an online casino in one country and offer their games all over the world and often other countries can’t do much about it no matter what the local laws say. So just because you can play does not mean it is legal

Legal Casino Sites Conclusion

Of course I am not a lawyer and none of the information in this article can or should be used as legal advice, but if you can find reputable online casinos that operate in your country and you can’t find any laws against it then you should be ok to play. Once again, if you are really concerned then seek the legal advice of an attorney who lives in your country. Be very careful of researching legal issues using the Internet. While it is filled with great information, there are also plenty of false items online too. Anyone who can afford to buy a domain name and set up a hosting account can post anything they want online. You can use the Internet to start your search, but make sure to verify any legal issues before staking your life or freedom on it.


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