Like everyone else, Bears coach John Fox loves saying ‘Jim Bob Cooter’

I’m not a big reader of celebrity gossip magazines, so I don’t know which one it is, but I do know one of them has a section called, “Stars: They’re Just Like Us!” or something like that. It’s basically just pictures of celebs doing everyday things like going to the gym or walking out of the supermarket or just being humans with clothes and cell phones or something.

Why am I bringing this up? Simple: Because Bears coach John Fox is just like us. (Us being “football fans,” in this scenario.) He loves saying “Jim Bob Cooter.”

“I love the name,” Fox said of the Detroit Lions’ offensive coordinator, per theDetroit Free Press. “He and [Vikings cornerback] Captain Munnerlyn. I recruited Captain way back when I was in Carolina. Those two are right up there, player and coach. But I love saying Jim Bob’s name.”


Jim Bob Cooter has done wonders for Matthew Stafford.

Cooter’s name might not be so popular if he weren’t doing an excellent job at… his job, but he is.

Since he took over for Joe Lombardi 21 games ago, the Lions have a 14-7 record and Matthew Stafford has completed 68 percent of his passes at 7.4 yards per attempt, with 41 touchdowns and only nine interceptions. Cooter’s play-calling and offensive design have even helped keep the Lions afloat the year after they lost Calvin Johnson, one of the best receivers the NFL has ever seen.

If they keep up this performance and make a playoff run, Cooter’s name seems like one that will be bandied about in head coaching discussions this offseason.


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