LOOK: Comic Tim Meadows imitates Ben Carson at Iowa State game

Tim Meadows broke out a pretty good impersonation on Monday. (Mike Hlas/Twitter)

Fans who arrived early to Monday night’s huge Iowa State home game against Kansas got an interesting show. And it had nothing to do with basketball.

According to the Associated Press, former Saturday Night Live star Tim Meadows showed up to shoot video for a Funny Or Die web series centered around a parody on Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson. This nut graf basically says it all.

Meadows showed up at half court roughly 90 minutes before tip-off in Ames, Iowa. The public address announcer introduced him as Carson, and Meadows proceeded to sing the national anthem in the neurosurgeon’s voice.

OK … so you can hear and watch that below. The questions still linger. Why Iowa State? Well, with the Iowa caucuses right around the corner, you have to figure Meadows was in the neighborhood anyway to do multiple on-location shoots for the project.

And hey, with Tina Fey reprising her role as Sarah Palin on SNL these days, you have to wonder if Lorne Michaels will call Meadows’ number soon here.


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