LOOK: Twitter melts down as all CBS Sports March Madness brackets bust

There were many folks, myself included, that made it through Thursday with their bracket still well intact. You were probably thinking, “this is my year to take down the office pool” as you went to bed at 15-1 for the day.

Then Friday happened, specifically the biggest upset of this year’s NCAA Tournament as 2-seed Michigan State, one of the tournament favorites, fell to 15-seed Middle Tennessee.

For anyone that sent the Spartans to the Final Four and beyond, Friday was a sad day, and judging by Twitter, there were a lot of people that watched their brackets implode. That upset, coupled with Temple’s loss at the buzzer to Iowa, killed off all of the perfect brackets on CBS Sports and NCAA.com, so no one is alone in this misery.

Here were the best reactions on Twitter to Friday’s bracket busting bonanza.

However, among NCAA.com there is one lone soul still holding out hope for a perfect bracket, going by the alias DatDudeCP. However, he may have trouble if Middle Tennessee beats Syracuse, as he has the Orange as this year’s National Champions.

Crying MJ Bracket (Twitter)
It was a sad day for many brackets. (Twitter/crying_jordan)


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