Louisville: Banned PG Chris Jones sent threatening text to female


Former Louisville senior guard Chris Jones, who was cut from the program on Sunday, allegedly sent a threatening text message to a female, according to multiple reports released Monday.

The Louisville Courier-Journal, WDRB and Insider Louisville obtained a recent University of Louisville campus police incident report. The complaint from the unidentified female, who claims to be an off-and-on intimate acquiantance with Jones, details Jones sending a text that he would “smack TF out of” her in response to her cluttering his room after she allegedly waited three hours for him to return to his dorm late into the night of Feb. 16.

The bullying text from the 23-year-old Jones came the next following afternoon, on Feb. 17, per the incident report. That was the day before Louisville’s game at Syracuse, a game Jones was suspended for.

The female in question did not/has not sought to press charges against Jones but did request someone speak to Jones about his behavior. Insider Louisville reports, “In addition, the university confirmed to IL that campus police are conducting an investigation into a separate incident report,” and thus, the details of that investigation are not being revealed, as it is still pending.

Jones’ dismissal on Sunday came with no further comment or context for his banishment.

Here is the campus run report.

Chris Jones ULPD report

Former Cardinal Chris Jones faced multiple suspensions while at Louisville. (USATSI)


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