Louisville coach Rick Pitino: ‘I will not resign’ due to sex scandal

Louisville coach Rick Pitino wrote a post on his website on Thursday morning previewing the 2015-16 season. However, before he got into making his evaluations of player progress thus far in the preseason, he made a statement regarding the school’s current situation as it is being investigated for recruits and players having sex with prostitutes and apologized to fans.

“To our loyal fans,

First, above all, I’m sorry we all have to endure the pain of these allegations. I so appreciate your support and friendships.

I will not resign and let you down. Someday I will walk away in celebration of many memorable years but that time is not now. I do not fight these accusations by others but rather turn the other cheek. Couldn’t do it at 33, but at 63 it’s the wise thing to do. Let’s let the investigators do their job and we will play basketball.”

This comes one day after Louisville president James Ramsay said that he has not discussed resignation with Pitino, per the Courier-Journal in Louisville, and two days after athletic director Tom Jurich said that the coach “has absolutely no plans to step down.”

The statements from Pitino, Ramsay, and Jurich come in wake of an Outside the Lines special on Tuesday on ESPN which reported that five former Louisville players and recruits confirmed the stories of players and recruits haveing sex with prostitutes in madam Katina Powell’s book “Breaking Cardinal Rules.”

“It was crazy,” one recruit who ultimately signed elsewhere said. “It was like I was in a strip club.”

Obviously, it seemed unlikely that Pitino would resign so close to the season starting. There are just too many moving pieces right now, and the situation still needs to play out. I thought Pitino was likely to stick around for the long haul when all of this started, but I’m less convinced now that it’s been all but confirmed. This story’s not going away any time soon though, that’s for sure.

Rick Pitino isn't going to just slink away from this scandal by resigning. (USATSI)
Rick Pitino isn’t going to just slink away from this scandal by resigning. (USATSI)


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