Louisville coach Rick Pitino skipping ACC media day due to scandal

Louisville has announced Rick Pitino will not be attending this year’s men’s basketball ACC media day.

The annual event for media around the country, which will take place on Wednesday will not have the Hall of Fame coach in attendance in Charlotte, N.C., due to the scandal and emerging NCAA investigation regarding a former staffer who allegedly arranged multiple parties with escorts over a four-year period.

“He has been advised not to participate on the advice of counsel,” Louisville states in a press release.

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Pitino put out a two-sentence statement: “I do not want the allegations we are facing to negatively impact the other 14 institutions on what should be a great event to talk about the approaching basketball season. I realize that while many would like to question me on the allegations, the NCAA does not permit me to speak on the subject.”

Pitino has spoken publicly multiple times since the flammable story went public three weeks ago, on Oct. 2. On Thursday, Pitino wrote on his personal website that he will not resign. He also has the support of his athletic director, who said similarly on Wednesday.

In 2014, as their programs were facing intense and immense investigations from the NCAA, Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim and North Carolina’s Roy Williams attended and spoke with the media, even discussing the surroundings, if not the specifics, of their cases. In fact, North Carolina is still in the midst of what could be a precedent-setting case regarding academic fraud, the outcome of which isn’t expected until the spring of 2016 at the earliest. Williams still has plans to attend ACC media day next week, regardless.

As for the Louisville scandal, more news and information came to light early on Friday, when the self-described madam who dealt directly with former Louisville director of basketball ops Andre McGee went on national television. Speaking on one of the most popular morning shows, “The View,” Katina Powell stated McGee once told her, while at one of the escort parties, that Pitino “knows everything.”

With Pitino not attending next week, Louisville is sending senior transfers Damion Lee and Trey Lewis, in addition to junior Mangok Mathiang.

Rick Pitino will not be in attendance in Charlotte next week. (USATSI)


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