Mike Brey after win: ‘Irish don’t lose on Good Friday or Easter Sunday’

Notre Dame didn’t play great against Wisconsin, looking sluggish early and trailing for most of the game before going on an 8-0 run in the final 19 seconds while stealing the ball away on three of the Badgers last four possessions in a thrilling 61-56 win.

It wasn’t a miracle, but it sure seemed unlikely given the way the game played out. Demetrius Jackson credited the team’s positive mindset and ability to continue battling. Mike Brey has credited this team’s ability to “find a way to win” all season, pointing to the fact that the 2016 team still has the nucleus of last year’s ACC title team that went on to stand toe-to-toe with Kentucky in the Elite Eight.

After the initial celebrating was done, Mike Brey had a great one-liner for the team (and the cameras) in the locker room.

“And the other thing, and Father John is going to agree with me on this one,” Brey said. “The Irish don’t lose on Good Friday or Easter Sunday.”

The team responded with combination of laughter and applause. The Notre Dame coached looked to the school’s president, “can I get an Amen?!”

Mike Brey joked that Notre Dame won’t lose on Good Friday or Easter Sunday. (TBS)


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