MLB Betting News: Umpire Assignments


Much like referees in basketball, baseball umpires can make an impact on the game, which is why MLB bettors should know exactly who is assigned where on each crew daily.

A four-man umpire crew will usually work the same baseball series throughout and simply rotates clockwise from 3B (third base) to HP (home plate). For example, today’s 1B umpire will work behind HP tomorrow with today’s HP umpire moving to 3B tomorrow. Some umpires call a baseball game much differently than others in terms of balls and strikes, favoring certain starting pitchers more than others and often affecting how many runs are scored and whether a total goes over or under the number set by a sportsbook.

Those with a smaller strike zone also tend to favor hitters, leading to more totals going over than under. For this reason, many baseball handicappers who wager on totals track umpire assignments and keep a record of statistics and betting trends associated with them based on when umpires are behind HP. Click here for umpire stats.

Umpires for Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds

• HP Bill Welke
• 1B James Hoye
• 2B John Hirschbeck
• 3B Sam Holbrook

New York Mets at Washington Nationals

• HP Tim Timmons
• 1B Todd Tichenor
• 2B Tim Welke
• 3B Mike Everitt

San Francisco Giants at San Diego Padres

• HP Tripp Gibson
• 1B Brian Gorman
• 2B Mark Carlson
• 3B Mike DiMuro

Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers

• HP Lance Barksdale
• 1B D.J. Reyburn
• 2B Joe West
• 3B Kerwin Danley

Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals

• HP Bob Davidson
• 1B David Rackley
• 2B Jerry Layne
• 3B Hunter Wendelstedt

Cleveland Indians at Houston Astros

• HP Scott Barry
• 1B Chris Conroy
• 2B Ted Barrett
• 3B Angel Hernandez

Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics

• HP Adam Hamari
• 1B Bill Miller
• 2B Doug Eddings
• 3B Jim Wolf

Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees

• HP Jerry Meals
• 1B Paul Schrieber
• 2B Fieldin Culbreth
• 3B Jim Reynolds

Boston Red Sox at Philadelphia Phillies

• HP Tony Randazzo
• 1B Will Little
• 2B Gerry Davis
• 3B Phil Cuzzi

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