MLB Betting Props for 2017


The countdown to the MLB regular season has me getting antsy for baseball betting and with my futures budget pretty much tapped out, I’ve been browsing the internet looking for some props to help diversify my portfolio a little bit.

What I came up with was a list over at Bet365 that features a variety of interesting bets, mostly related to individual pitcher success. The line offering the most value at the book is for the number of no-hitters that will be thrown during the 2017 season with the OVER 3.5 option paying +125. If you think that’s a fairly low total, I’d agree.

Number of No-Hitters in 2017

Odds as of March 7 at Bet365

  • OVER 3.5 +125
  • UNDER 3.5 -175

It’s true that Jake Arrieta threw the only no-hitter thrown last year, shutting out the Reds in a 16-0 Cubs win, but in the four seasons before that, there were a combined 30 no-hitters thrown in the majors with 2012 seeing the most teams go an entire game without getting a hit (12). In fact, since 2010, there have been at least three no-noes thrown in a campaign a total of six times.

I’m not much of a proponent for the “it’s due” argument when making a bet but in this case, it kind of works. Multiple Cy Young-level pitchers (Dallas Keuchel, Sonny Gray, etc.) had terrible years in 2016 and I like them to get back on their proverbial horses in 2017. Last year was the best year for hitters since 2000 in terms of home runs and I believe that’s a good thing for the major-league arms.

Why? The league batting average has leveled off around the .255 mark over the last 10 years or so but power numbers are on the rise and with them, so are the number of strikeouts. Last year’s K’s per game number of 8.03 was the highest in MLB history and that’s really indicative of the aggressive approach being taken by a lot of batters. With more players taking home-run cuts and pitchers recognizing that, I expect the number of league K’s to once again break the record and the total of no-hitters to break that total of 3.5.

Along the same vein, there’s a line for whether or not a pitcher will strike out 16 or more hitters in a game this season and I’m going to take the yes option and I’ll do it with an ear-to-ear grin. Multiple pitchers achieved this feat last season with Max Scherzer’s 20-strikeout game the one that stands out. The number of K’s per year has gone up every year since 2005 and there’s no reason that stops now. I’m honestly surprised this total isn’t higher and at the tiny amount of juice you have to lay at -163.

WIll Any Pitcher Strike Out 16 or More Batters in a game in 2017

Odds as of March 7 at Bet365

Here are the other prop bets currently available at Bet365:

Number of Pitchers to Win 20 or More Games in 2017

Odds as of March 7 at Bet365

  • OVER 2.5 -175
  • UNDER 2.5 +125
Will any Pitcher Record 50 or more Saves in 2017

Odds as of March 7 at Bet365

Will any team win 100 or more games in 2017

Odds as of March 7 at Bet365

A similar list can be found over at BetOnline where you can bet OVER/UNDER win totals for individual pitchers.


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