MLB considering shrinking strikezone to increase offense


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Not only is the MLB considering banning defensive shifts, but they are also thinking of altering the strikezone. The league is discussing the increase of low strikes, which has caused a lack of offense in the majors.

Strike zones sizes have been growing considerably bigger per an article penned by David Leonhardt in Oct. 2014 in the New York Times. The increased use of technology has created more consistent calls by umpires, which has seen strikeouts increase by 19 percent since 2000 per Leonhardt.

The 2014 MLB regular season saw teams combine for an average of 4.07 runs per game, with a 1,125-1,187 over/under mark. That mark of 4.07 runs is a drastic drop from the 4.38 runs per game in 2010 and according to Covers Expert Marc Lawrence, the lowest average team score had been 4.60 runs per game during the 17 seasons prior to 2010.

The league plans to watch the strikezone through 2015, with the idea of making changes for 2016.


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