MLB’s Best Home and Away OVER/UNDER Teams


With the MLB season quickly approaching the quarter mark, trends are starting to develop that can give bettors who are paying attention a serious advantage. In particular, some teams have proven to be fantastic OVER/UNDER bets through the first five weeks of the season, but digging just a little bit deeper into those O/U records is where bettors will find their edge.

For example, the Detroit Tigers’ OVER/UNDER record stands at 18-11-1. However, when looking at the home/road split of that O/U record, you’ll discover that the Tigers have been a much more profitable OVER bet on the road as they’ve gone 11-2-1 O/U outside of Detroit, compared to a middling 7-9 O/U at home.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are another standout totals bet. They’ve gone 11-5-1 O/U at home, but the high totals haven’t translated to outside of Arizona as they’re one of the league’s best UNDER bets on the road, going 4-12 O/U.

Reasons as to why a team excels at hitting the OVER or UNDER in a specific situation vary, but the bottom line is there’s money to be made by jumping on these trends. Pay attention, though, as some of these numbers likely aren’t sustainable, especially the extremely high ones. Listed below each table is the team with the best record in that specific scenario since 1999.

Here’s a look at MLB’s best home and away totals bets:

Best home Over bets
Team Home OVER Record
New York Mets 11-4-2  (73.3% OVER)
New York Yankees 11-4 (73.3% OVER)
Milwaukee Brewers 12-5 (70.6% OVER)
San Diego Padres 9-4-1 (69.2% OVER)
Arizona Diamondbacks 11-5-1 (68.8% OVER)

Best Home OVER record since 1999: Kansas City in 2002, 50-25-6  (66.7% OVER)

Best HOME Under bets
Team Home UNDER Record
San Francisco Giants 3-11  (78.6% UNDER)
Kansas City Royals 4-13 (76.5% UNDER)
Boston Red Sox 5-11-2  (68.8% UNDER)
Texas Rangers 5-11 (68.8% UNDER)

Best Home UNDER record since 1999: LA Dodgers in 2003, 24-50-7 (67.6% UNDER)

Best ROAD OVER bets
Team Road OVER Record
Detroit Tigers 11-2-1 (84.6% OVER)
New York Mets 9-3-1 (75% OVER)
Cincinnati Reds 7-3-1 OU (70% OVER)

Best Road OVER record since 1999: San Francisco Giants in 1999, 56-24-1 (70% OVER)

Best Road Under bets
Team Road UNDER Record
Cleveland Indians 4-12-2 (75% UNDER)
Arizona Diamondbacks 4-12  (75% UNDER)
Los Angeles Angels 5-12 (70.6% UNDER)
Pittsburgh Pirates 5-11 (68.8% UNDER)

Best Road UNDER record since 1999: Toronto Blue Jays in 2001, 25-53-2 (67.9% UNDER)


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