NFL Feature: Midseason Betting Overview

As a part of our comprehensive breakdown of the NFL at the midseason point, we at OddsShark look back at the first half to examine which teams and players, were the best and worst bets through eight weeks of play.

From your preseason prop busts to the best UNDER teams in the NFL, here is your look back at all the best and worst betting angles from the first half of the NFL season.

Against The Spread and Over/Under

The first half of the NFL season has been filled with surprises; with a record-breaking four 7-0 teams at the midseason point. But we all know that it’s those sweet ATS records that rake in the dough.

Two of the top ATS teams at the midseason point are the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals and the Denver Broncos. Despite both teams dominating play this season, neither the Broncos nor the Bengals have been more than a touchdown favorite in any game through eight weeks. Keep note of this as these teams will likely start getting more respect from books, thus creating larger spreads.

Not only have the Detroit Lions been awful on the field, 1-7 SU, they have been terrible at the betting window with a league-worst 1-7 ATS mark. The most shocking team among the lowest tier of ATS bets is the Seattle Seahawks, a team that was in the Super Bowl conversation but are limping along to a 4-4 SU and 2-5-1 ATS record.

The best OVER team and UNDER team in the NFL reside in the AFC North, with the Cleveland Browns carrying a 7-1 totals record and the Pittsburgh Steelers are at 1-7.

Best ATS Teams
  • Bengals 6-0-1
  • Vikings 6-1
  • Broncos 5-1-1
  • Panthers 5-2
  • Patriots 4-1-2
Worst ATS Teams
  • Lions 1-7
  • Ravens 1-6-1
  • Seahawks 2-5-1
  • Cowboys 2-5
  • Chiefs 3-5
  • Chargers 3-5
Top OVER Teams
  • Browns 7-1
  • Cardinals 6-2
  • Bengals 5-2
  • Jaguars 5-2
  • Raiders 5-1
Top UNDER Teams
  • Steelers 1-7
  • Eagles 1-6
  • Vikings 1-5-1
  • Falcons 2-5-1
  • Rams 2-5
  • Packers 2-5

Biggest Movers In Super Bowl Futures

Every season there’s always teams that amaze or disgust futures bettors who hit the market early thinking they’re getting the best possible line. This season may be one of the more active when it comes to futures line movements as several teams who had modest expectations to start the season are now near the top of the odds list to win Super Bowl 50.

It should not come as a surprise that the biggest risers in the Super Bowl 50 futures market have been the Cincinnati Bengals and the Carolina Panthers. Both teams came into the season with modest expectations, but nobody would have guessed that at the midseason point they would both be undefeated.

If there was one team we hoped you avoided the hype around, it was the Indianapolis Colts. It was hard not to, with Andrew Luck looking like one of the best quarterbacks on planet earth last season and the team playing in the weak AFC South. However, the Colts are just 3-5 and in a battle with the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars at the top of the division.

Falling Super Bowl Odds
Team Change Opening After Week 8
Ravens +48000 +2000 +50000
Eagles +3150 +850 +4000
Colts +850 +3300 +2450
Seahawks +400 +800 +1200
Rising Super Bowl Odds
Team Change Opening After Week 8
Panthers -4100 +5000 +900
Bengals -3800 +5000 +1200
Cardinals -3200 +4000 +800
Broncos -600 +1400 +800

Best and Worst Prop Bets In Preseason

The volatile nature of football makes season long prop picks a risky endeavour. This season has seen some of the best players in the NFL struggle with injuries or just poor play and when you couple that with the emergence of several players who seemed like an afterthought in the preseason, it looks like it could be a tough season for prop bettors.

The preseason favorites to top the NFL in passing were Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers, but those quarterbacks are 26th and 22nd in passing at the midseason point. Comparably, Philip Rivers and Carson Palmer, who are currently first and fourth in the NFL, were both +3300 to lead the league in passing during the preseason.

Backing any running back to lead the NFL in rushing could be one of the diciest wagers to make in the preseason. Five of the top six running backs in the odds list to lead the league in rushing are outside of the top 20. Notably Jamaal Charles, who is once again out for the season following another ACL injury, was +800 during the preseason.

The top two leading rushers in the NFL were such outside bets that they weren’t even listed in the initial prop with Devonta Freeman emerging as an injury replacement and Bruce Arians working his magic with Chris Johnson. Hell, fourth and fifth in rushing currently belong to Doug Martin and Todd Gurley who were +5000 in the preseason.

Wide receivers have been just as volatile as running backs this season though. Dez Bryant spent most of the season injured and currently has 60 receiving yards at the midseason point. The biggest payout may be Larry Fitzgerald who was +7500 and is currently fifth in the NFL in receiving, who is currently seeing a resurgence thanks to Carson Palmer looking like he was 25 again.

Best Bets To Lead NFL In Passing
Player Rank Opening
Phillip Rivers No.1 +3300
Carson Palmer No.4 +3300
Tom Brady No.2 +2000
Worst Bets To Lead NFL In Passing
Player Rank Opening
Andrew Luck No.20 +350
Aaron Rodgers No.22 +400
Ben Roethlisberger No.30 +700
Best Bets to Lead NFL in Rushing
Player Rank Opening
Devonta Freeman 1 Not Listed
Chris Johnson 2 Not Listed
Doug Martin 4 +5000
Todd Gurley 5 +500
Worst Bets to Lead NFL In Rushing
Player Rank Opening
Marshawn Lynch No.21 +800
Jamaal Charles Out For Season +800
DeMarco Murray No.28 +800
LeSean McCoy No.29 +850
Eddie Lacy No.33 N+900
Best Bets to Lead NFL in Receiving Yards
Player Rank Opening
DeAndre Hopkins No.2 +2500
Larry Fitzgerald No.5 +7500
Brandon Marshall No.7 +7500
Worst Bets to Lead NFL in Receiving Yards
Player Rank Opening
Dez Bryant No.227 +900
Randall Cobb No.43 +1000
Andre Johnson No.108 +2500

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