2nd Half NFL Odds

Vegas Sports Betting also offers 2nd Half NFL odds from several sportsbooks including Bovada Sportsbook so you can compare & find the best Vegas odds

Our 2nd Half NFL Odds page features live NFL odds available with our top sportsbook partners. Vegas odds on this page are generally available during games that are in-progress. NFL Vegas odds will appear at halftime for all live NFL games or after the end of the 2nd quarter.

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Plenty of NFL teams tend to rally back after half time. You just have to know which teams have the tendencies to do so. A good “coach talk” at halftime could cause a complete turnaround of the game. As a bettor, you should take advantages of such situation as it might work in favor of your sports betting wagers and NFL Picks. In what way exactly? Well, its very simple. Vegas odds are a much bigger payoff if you decide to go for the underdog team at halftime, looking to rally back from a deficit.  Or even if you decide to place a bet on the favorable team that is down at halftime, in both ways, the payoff is much larger then the original opening odds.

NFL handicappers Experts ask themselves five important questions before making their 2nd half pick:

  • What were your expectations coming in? 
  • Has the leader been closing strong in previous games?
  • How does the trailing team close? 
  • Has the leader been as strong as their point total?
  • Do the stats tell any hidden stories? (Good stats, No points)

Our advice here at Vegas Sports Betting is to ask yourself the questions listed above before making your halftime wager. This will not only increase your chances of selecting the right NFL picks, it will also give you a much bigger payoff compared to what a sportsbook would offer bettors on opening odds. They say with higher risk comes higher reward, but what if you were able to hedge that risk? Try it for yourself.