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Little has changed at the top of Hart Trophy odds list past Connor McDavid’s and Sidney Crosby’s odds getting significantly shorter. No. 97 and 87 have really separated themselves from the rest of the pack and are creating a lead that resembles something close to the ones Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis did in in the glory days of the Tour De France.

The dominance asserted by these men is the only comparison I’m trying to make as I’m fairly certain Connor and Sid are doing what they’re doing based mostly on God-given talent and that they probably have a much healthier competitive relationship than Floyd and Lance did, but I digress.

I’ve written before about how the parallels between Crosby and McDavid are scary and if Connor wins the Hart – like he’s the favorite to do right now at Bovada – you can probably just fill in the blanks for the rest of his career based on what Sid has done, like a color by numbers. I’m obviously kidding but the similarities are hard to reject. Like Captain Cros’, McDavid was given the C as a teenager after showing his transcendent talent on a terrible team in his rookie season and after just a year of NHL experience, both men turned their respective teams into contenders.

With 59 points through 52 games, Connor leads the man he’s being compared to so fiercely by three points. Crosby has gotten to his 56-point total in just 43 games but to be fair, he’s surrounded by a much more talented cast. In many cases, McDavid is single-handedly winning hockey games and is keeping his team in the hunt for a Pacific Division playoff spot.

There’s a legitimate chance that Crosby can win the Maurice “Rocket” Richard trophy as the league’s leading goal scorer, the Art Ross as the league’s leading point getter and the Hart as the league’s MVP. Alex Ovechkin is the last man to accomplish that feat as he completed the trifecta back in 2007-08 when Crosby played just 53 games.

If there was one man that I think could usurp either of these superstar centers in the MVP race it would be Brent Burns. My argument for the Sharks’ D-man is that if you took him off the roster, it would be more devastating than if you took Connor or Sid out of their respective lineups. Burns is tied for first in defensive point shares and sits just six points back of the lead pace set by the Oilers’ Captain.

It would be out of the norm for NHL voters to give the award to the blue-liner but in my mind, it would be easily justified. He’s getting decent value with a +1000 line at Bovada and I think he’s a much better candidate than both Patrick Kane and Devan Dubnyk.

Here’s the complete list of Hart Trophy futures:

2016-17 Hart Trophy Winner
Player Odds
Connor McDavid (EDM) +120
Sidney Crosby (PIT) +180
Evgeni Malkin (PIT) +700
Patrick Kane (CHI) +1000
Devan Dubnyk (MIN) +1000
Brent Burns (SJS) +1000

Odds as of February 1, 2017 at Bovada

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Almost halfway through the 2016-17 NHL regular season and things just keep getting weirder. The Blue Jackets have won 16 straight games, Devan Dubnyk is posting the best numbers of any goalie in the league and four Canadian teams are currently in a playoff position. Need to be leveled out with a bit of normality? Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby are leading the odds in the Hart Memorial Trophy race. OK, good, that feels better.

The two men I speak of, the two Canadian golden boys, sit one point apart in the NHL points race and both are exactly +9. The only difference between the two captains right now is how they’re earning their points. McDavid is skilfully gliding around defenders, drawing multiple covers and dishing the puck to an open man who normally has a wide open net to slot the puck home to. Crosby, on the other hand, has been scoring at will and has done his damage in seven fewer games.

For my money, this race is between these centers and Bovada agrees with that analysis, pegging Crosby with +140 odds to take home the MVP trophy and picking McDavid as the +125 favorite.

An argument can be made for Dubnyk right now with how important he is to the Wild but I just can’t see the NHL giving such a coveted award to a guy who is succeeding because of the system he plays in. Minnesota is one of the most disciplined teams in hockey that gives up very few high-quality scoring chances.

It’s not an argument that Brent Burns is the most valuable player to his team right now. He has 35 points, is +12 and is playing nearly 25 minutes a game. The Sharks have surged up the Pacific Division standings and are starting to look like the Cup contenders I was touting them as before the season started. The issue here is that the NHL is terribly biased toward forwards and only two non-forwards – Chris Pronger and Carey Price – have won the Hart since the turn of the millennium. Burns is one of my favorite players in the league and doesn’t give up his responsibilities at the defensive end in search of offense like a certain point-scoring Swede.

I don’t think he’ll win but “The Beard” could be worth a punt at +1800 if he continues to lock it down at the back end and score at almost a point-per-game rate.

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Here’s the complete list of Hart Trophy futures:

2016-17 Hart Trophy Winner
Player Odds
Connor McDavid (EDM) +350
Sidney Crosby (PIT) +700
Devan Dubnyk (MIN) +850
Vladimir Tarasenko (STL) +900
Carey Price (MTL) +950
Brent Burns (SJS) +1000

Odds as of January 4 at Bovada

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As hockey pundits like to remind us, “it’s still early,” but with most teams in the league having at least 10 games under their belts, there are definitely some players to be excited about and we can absolutely start making wild speculations on who will win the end-of-season hardware.

Bovada has released futures lines for all the major awards and if you’re surprised by who’s leading the odds right now in the MVP race, you should probably withdraw all your funds from your online sports betting accounts and send them to me to manage for you.

Connor “The Goat” McDavid is the best player in the NHL and in my opinion, it’s not even close. He currently leads the league in points and is just one off the lead in goals scored. I literally say “wow” out loud when I see him grab the puck on the rush and slide by opposing blue-liners like they’re pylons. You can get him for +350 on Bovada right now and if he stays away from the boards this season, that number will only go down as his point total goes up.

It’s not just the eye test that he passes. He was named captain of his Oilers before the start of the season and he’s taken to the role like a fly to crap. Edmonton is 7-2 since McDavid took the C and eerily resembles a Pittsburgh Penguins team that was the last to give a teenager a captaincy.

That teenager was, of course, Sidney Crosby. The following 2006-07 season, Sid the Kid went on to score 120 points and was named the overwhelming majority winner of that year’s Hart Memorial Trophy. Sounding familiar? The parallels between Crosby and McDavid’s careers so far are uncanny and if I know anything about the NHL, it’s that they love anointing their golden boys.

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Here’s the complete list of Hart Trophy futures:

2016-17 Hart Trophy Winner
Player Odds
Connor McDavid (EDM) +350
Steven Stamkos (TB) +700
Carey Price (MTL) +850
Sidney Crosby (PIT) +900
Patrick Kane (CHI) +950
Vladimir Tarasenko (STL) +1000
Joe Pavelski (SJS) +1100
Alexander Ovechkin (WSH) +1100
John Tavares (NYI) +1400
Erik Karlsson (OTT) +1600
Jamie Benn (DAL)  +1800
Tyler Seguin (DAL) +1800
Johnny Gaudreau (CGY) +2000

Odds as of November 1 at Bovada

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The NHL is almost back in session after the atrocity that was the World Cup of Hockey ended and while we wait for the sentencing of when, where and what awful format the next tournament will take, we can look forward to the regular season and start betting on who will be taking home the hardware at the end of the season.

Bovada has odds up for the Hart Trophy for the league’s Most Valuable Player and unsurprisingly, Sidney Crosby leads the way at +350. The two-time Stanley Cup champion and two-time Hart winner ended last season with 85 points after a dismal first half. Once Sid started to click with his linemates last year, he became borderline unstoppable and if they retained any of that chemistry, the Penguins should be one of the most entertaining teams in hockey.

The defending Hart winner Patrick Kane comes back at +700 which seems like pretty good value for a guy who has the most recent success winning the trophy and who plays for a team that always has its prices inflated. Kaner ran away with the scoring race with 106 points last year and earned Most Valuable Player honors by receiving 121 of the 150 first-place votes.

Sophomore superstar Connor McDavid hits the list at +950 odds but in all honesty, this seems like a stretch. The NHL writers who vote on this award weigh team success heavily and it’s unlikely the Oilers do much this year except maybe sneak into the playoffs. McDavid has all but been named the captain of Edmonton, though, and has many MVP-caliber seasons on the not-so-distant horizon.

The only defenseman to make the list is Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators. The Swede led the league in assists last year and was by most accounts – including mine – robbed of the Norris Trophy. No defenseman has won the Hart since Chris Pronger did it in the 1999-00 season with his +52 plus/minus ratio and none had done it before him since the great Bobby Orr won the award three times in a row from 1969-70 to 1971-72. +2000 for Karlsson is a tasty line but it’s probably not worth it.

Newly signed Steven Stamkos at +1100 is my favorite play on the board. Stammer has had three seasons where he scored more than 90 points and is the undisputed leader of the Tampa Bay Lightning. If the Bolts have the season I am expecting them to, their captain will 100 percent be in the conversation.

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Here’s the complete list of Hart Trophy Futures:

2016-17 Hart Trophy Winner
Player Odds
Sidney Crosby (PIT) +350
Patrick Kane (CHI) +700
Alexander Ovechkin (WSH) +850
Vladimir Tarasenko (STL) +900
Connor McDavid (EDM) +950
John Tavares (NYI) +1000
Jamie Benn (DAL)  +1100
Steven Stamkos (TB) +1100
Tyler Seguin (DAL) +1400
Carey Price (MTL) +1600
Claude Giroux (PHI) +1800
Evgeni Malkin (PIT) +1800
Erik Karlsson (OTT) +2000
Ryan Getzlaf (ANA) +2000
Anze Kopitar (LAK) +2500
Corey Perry (ANA) +2500
Johnny Gaudreau (CGY) +4000
Joe Pavelski (SJS) +4000
Nikita Kucherov (TBL) +4000
Joe Thornton (SJS) +5000

Odds as of October 5 at Bovada

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The NHL resumes it’s regular season schedule following a largely successful All-Star Weekend in Nashville, but as the season winds down, Patrick Kane’s foothold on the Hart Trophy just gets stronger.

Kane is dominating the points leaderboard as he has recorded 30 goals and 43 assists for 73 points – 15 points ahead of second-placed Jamie Benn. His dominant play, coupled with the Chicago Blackhawks’ excellent play during the regular season campaign, has the American now sitting at -300 to win the Hart Trophy at online shop Bovada.

At +300, Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals has an excellent shot at winning the league’s MVP. Washington’s netminder has been a key reason the Caps have enjoyed their season thus far as he’s put up a 30-5-3 record with an exceptional 2.07 goals against average and .929 save percentage. The Caps are currently the league’s top team with 74 points heading into post-All-Star play.

Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators has shot up the futures board and is now sitting at +1800. The defenseman has 52 points but his Senators are struggling to remain in the playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.

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2016 Hart Trophy Winner
Player Odds
Patrick Kane (CHI) -300
Braden Holtby (WAS) +300
Jamie Benn (DAL) +1100
Tyler Seguin (DAL) +1400
Erik Karlsson (OTT) +1800
John Scott (MON) +100000

Odds as of February 2 at Bovada

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Patrick Kane has been playing out of his mind this season. The Chicago Blackhawks winger leads the league in points and assists while currently sitting second in goals and fourth in plus/minus. Taking all that into account, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see that Kane is the odds-on favorite to win the Hart Trophy this season according to Bovada.

Dallas Stars linemates Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn are the next two behind Kane. The Stars offense has scored well more than any team in the league thanks to Seguin and Benn, who are second and third in goals scored.

Only two other players have been listed by Bovada with Vladimir Tarasenko and Henrik Lundqvist both posting some long odds.

2016 Hart Trophy Winner
Player Odds
Patrick Kane (CHI) -120
Tyler Seguin (DAL) +300
Jamie Benn (DAL) +350
Henrik Lundqvist (NYR) +1000
Vladimir Tarasenko (STL) +1000

Odds as of January 5 at Bovada

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Through a quarter of the season, Patrick Kane has put on one of the most impressive offensive runs in NHL history. The Blackhawks winger is leading the league in points and assists, while averaging more than 1.5 points per game. Not surprisingly, Kane is the favorite to win hardware at the end of the season, with Bovada listing the American at +200 to win the Hart Trophy.

Only three players are remotely close to Kane with Dallas Stars top-liners Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn both listed at +500 and New York Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist at +600.

Only one defenseman made the cut with Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators being the long shot at +4000. The Swede is second among defenseman in points and third in ice-time.

2016 Hart Trophy Winner
Player Odds
Patrick Kane (CHI) +200
Jamie Benn (DAL) +500
Tyler Seguin (DAL) +500
Henrik Lundqvist (NYR) +600
John Tavares (NYI) +1200
Alexander Ovechkin (WSH) +1200
Sidney Crosby (PIT) +1200
Vladimir Tarasenko (STL) +1200
Carey Price (MTL) +1600
Steven Stamkos (TB) +2000
Carey Price (MTL) +2000
Ryan Getzlaf (ANA) +2500
Claude Giroux (PJI) +2800
Johnny Gaudreau (CGY) +3500
Erik Karlsson (OTT) +4000

Odds as of December 2 at Bovada


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