No matter the line, action all over the Colts – 10-09-2014


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With Thursday night football games routinely
being beat-downs this season, winners have outscored
opponents 205-60, bettors are not anxious to jump on the

After opening the Colts as 2.5-point road favorites, then
adding juice there was still action pouring in on the
Indianapolis Colts per Peter Childs of “Late Monday afternoon, we
decided that we needed to get to 3 on this game in order to
attract some Texans money.”

Despite eventually reaching -3(-105)/ +3(-115), “money kept
coming in on the favorite so we went back to 3 flat and
that’s our current number,” Childs tells Covers.
Even though 75 percent of action is behind the Colts and the
line will likely get to -3(-115), Childs says that  will take their
chances on the home dog.

“Bottom line, we’re going to need the Texans in a big way,”
Childs says.

Total action has made the opening line of 46 climb to 47,
with the possibility of another .5-point being added on
before kickoff. 65 percent of action is on the over for this


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