North Carolina falls to fifth in updated CBS Sports Top 25 (and one)

North Carolina remains my pick to win the national championship. And the Tar Heels are also the favorites among gamblers, according to

But their resume lacks wins of substance.

UNC only has four top-50 KenPom wins, three top-50 RPI wins and one victory over a school that’s ranked in the AP Top 25. And then there’s that glaring loss on its resume to a Northern Iowa team that’s 12-11 with a 4-6 mark in the Missouri Valley Conference.

Simply put, that’s not a top-four body of work.

Oklahoma, Iowa, Villanova and Xavier all have better bodies of work, if only because they all have at least as many top-50 RPI wins as UNC, and none of them have a loss to a team as bad as Northern Iowa, which is 144th in the RPI. So that’s why the Tar Heels are, after Monday’s loss at Louisville, now ranked fifth in the CBS Sports Top 25 (and one).

(The CBS Sports Top 25 (and one) updates every morning throughout the season. Click this link to view each team’s previous ranking, recent results, future schedule, etc.)

  1. Oklahoma (18-2)
  2. Iowa (17-4)
  3. Villanova (18-3)
  4. Xavier (19-2)
  5. North Carolina (19-3)
  6. Maryland (19-3)
  7. Kansas (17-4)
  8. Texas A&M (18-3)
  9. Iowa State (16-5)
  10. Providence (18-4)
  11. Virginia (17-4)
  12. Michigan State (19-4)
  13. West Virginia (17-4)
  14. Louisville (18-4)
  15. Miami (16-4)
  16. Purdue (19-4)
  17. Oregon (18-4)
  18. Wichita State (16-5)
  19. Baylor (17-5)
  20. Dayton (18-3)
  21. Saint Mary’s (18-2)
  22. Michigan (17-5)
  23. Kentucky (16-5)
  24. Utah (17-5)
  25. Texas (15-7)
  26. SMU (19-2)
UNC and Roy Williams are looking for answers after losing at Louisville. (USATSI)


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