Odds on Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl Jersey Getting Recovered


Staring down the barrel of a 28-3 deficit in the second half of Super Bowl LI, the New England Patriots’ epic comeback felt like highway robbery for fans and bettors of the Atlanta Falcons. But while the Pats’ monumental resurgence was perfectly legal, a crime was later committed against New England’s legendary signal-caller: someone stole Tom Brady’s jersey.

According to NFL sources, the theft is believed to have occurred roughly 15 minutes before Brady returning to the locker room from his MVP news conference. The game-worn uniform was likely snatched up from his bag, per reports.

In yet another example of how you can bet on anything, online sportsbook BetOnline is offering a prop on the outcome of “Jerseygate”, with the odds of the jersey getting found in February at -150. If it’s located at any point after February (or never seen again), the odds come in at +120.

On Wednesday a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department announced they had assigned “several” investigators in the attempt to locate the five-time Super Bowl champion’s jersey. The department is working with NFL security and other law enforcement agencies to track down the No. 12 jersey and locate the person responsible.

Houston Police Department executive assistant chief George Buenik said in a news conference Tuesday that there will be a reward offered for its recovery and information leading to an arrest.

Will Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey be recovered?

Odds as of February 8 at BetOnline

  • Found in February 2017 -150
  • Found after February 2017/not found +120


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