Oddsmakers, bookies and bettors set odds for 73-win Warriors vs. 72-win Bulls


The Golden State Warriors are the greatest team in NBA regular season history, according to the record books, after breaking the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls all-time wins record of 72. Golden State won four straight games to end the schedule, including win No. 73 over the Memphis Grizzlies Wednesday night.

And while the Warriors are the legit record holders, the debate rages on whether Stephen Curry & Co. could actually beat Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and the rest of the 95-96 Bulls.

This is a question without any answer – or at least not until we figure out the whole flux capacitor thing. But we at Covers can at least find out which side – Golden State or Chicago – would be the oddsmakers’ favorite. We tossed the question to oddsmakers, bookies and bettors, asking them to set a spread on a fictional neutral-court matchup between the 73-win Warriors and the 72-win Bulls.

Peter Korner, oddsmaker and founder of Nevada-based odds service, the Sports Club.

“Golden State -3 – just taking a stab at it. I figure the Bulls are as good then as the Warriors are now, and I’d have to lean to Golden State playing in the rules they have now. Now, if it was back in 1995-96, with those rules, maybe Bulls -3. About a 6-point swing depending on which rules or time you’re playing in. 

“Each team has smart players who would conform to the rules their playing within. The big difference between the Michael Jordan-led Bulls and Stephen Curry-led Warriors is there’s more of a team element with Golden State and then you had those big stars for Chicago. It was Jordan’s team and he was the central focus. And Curry, though he gets his statistics, is more about the team.”

Scott Cooley, odds consultant for Bookmaker.eu

“We’re making Chicago a 2.5-point favorite and seeing where the action takes us. It felt right to make the Bulls short chalk based on pedigree. They’ve been doing it for years while the Warriors are still in their dynasty infancy. We’re expecting the younger bettors to side with the sharp-shooting Dubs and the veteran gamblers to back the vintage Bulls.”

Ed Salmons, assistant manager/oddsmaker Westgate Las Vegas Superbook

“I always favor the modern team because all sports get better in every area through the years. I would make Warriors -2 on neutral court. The 3-point shot from 1996 to 2016 has totally changed the game.”

Scott Kaminsky, sportsbook director at TheGreek.com

“Bulls -3.5. Jordan. I would make the best Magic (Johnson) and (Larry) Bird teams the favorite also. In fact, I would probably make last year’s Warriors team a favorite over this year’s. I’m not impressed with how the Warriors have played over the last six to eight weeks. A lot of people forget how great Jordan was defensively. He was usually the best player on court on both ends. Throw in the idiot Rodman and Pippen and they have the three best defensive players on the court.”

Jason Simbal, vice president of risk management for CG Technology in Las Vegas

“I would say Bulls -2. Everyone talks about size of the Bulls and how they aren’t a great shooting team in this day and age, however, I think the Bulls could adjust quite well. Kukoc, Kerr and Jordan all shot over 40 percent from three and Kerr actually shot over 50 percent which is higher than Curry and Thompson – fewer attempts for Kerr. It’s hard to compare two teams from different generations because of the emphasis of the big man and style of the game in the early to late 80’s into the mid 90’s.”

Joe Fortenbaugh, sports talk radio host on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco/Covers NBA writer

“Now: Pick. Then: Bulls -3.”

Who you got? Give us your pointspread for this fantasy showdown between the 2015-16 Warriors and the 1995-96 Bulls in the comment section below.



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