Panthers or Broncos? Who will cover Super Bowl 50


Well, here we are.

Super Bowl 50 is just days away and the matchup couldn’t be full of more intriguing storylines.

Will Peyton Manning ride off into the sunset with a Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl victory in what many speculate will be his final game? Or will this beginning of a Carolina Panthers dynasty led by a quarterback like none other in Cam Newton.

Expert NFL bloggers Bill Voth of Panthers blog Black and Blue Review and Kaptain Kirk of Broncos blog Bronco Planet strap on the pads to debate not just who the best team in the NFL is, but which team will cover the spread when the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos clash in Super Bowl 50 Sunday night at Levi’s Stadium for the right to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

We already revealed why you shouldn’t bet their team, but this time they present three reasons that their teams will win – and cover – Super Bowl 50.


Bill Voth is the founder of Black & Blue Review. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @BlackBlueReview.The league’s best player

The Broncos’ defense dominated the league this season, but they never played a quarterback like Cam Newton. The most mobile signal caller they faced was Kansas City’s Alex Smith, so, yeah. Newton is the NFL’s best player and he’ll have a chance to prove it on the biggest stage. Newton is right when he says there has never been a quarterback like him. He is the first quarterback to throw for 30 or more touchdowns and rushing for 10 or more in the same season.

Peyton Manning

Sure, there’s a chance he could be like the old Peyton Manning, but he’s mostly just old. Immobile quarterbacks are sitting ducks for the Panthers’ pass rush, which will be able to put Manning in their crosshairs. Manning completed just 59.8 percent of his passes this year, his lowest completion percentage since his rookie season and was sacked at a highest rate since 2001.

“The Thieves”

The defensive unit that calls themselves “The Thieves” led the league with 24 interceptions this season and added six more in two playoff games and could be licking their chops going up against Peyton Manning. The Broncos signal caller somehow found a way to throw 17 picks in 10 regular-season games (It was the highest interception rate of his career). The Panthers will be thieving more than once.


Kaptain Kirk writes for Bronco Planet. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter @broncoplanet.

Kicking and screaming

Broncos VP/GM John Elway brought in a new head coach because his team surrendered meekly in the playoffs last season, saying he wanted a team that goes down ‘Kicking and Screaming’ and he has done just that. During the regular season, Panthers’ opponents had a combined 92-116 (.442) record and four of those teams went to the playoffs this year. The Broncos opponents record was 103-89 (.509) and they played six playoff teams, including their last three games. The Broncos are peaking at just the right time.

Defense wins championships

This isn’t just an adage. Scoring offense doesn’t account for a bunch of things, especially the quality of the opponent. Remember the 2013 Bronco squad that led the universe in scoring with 606 points that season? They met the No. 1 Legion of Doom Seattle Defense in Super Bowl 48 and lost 43-8. The Panthers averaged 31.2 points a game this season and the Broncos Defense allowed an average of 18.5. Something has to give.

Six-points is a gift

Denver is a combined 11-3 (.786) this season in games decided by seven points or less with their 11 such wins representing the most in NFL history in a single season, including playoffs. They are the also the first team in league history to record three comeback wins of 14-plus points against playoff teams in a single season. I’d take those odds.

Join the debate. Who covers in Super Bowl 50: Panthers or Broncos?

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