Poll Attacks: You realize Oklahoma is 7-0 with a win over Villanova, right?

Oklahoma is 7-0 with a 23-point win over Villanova. So of course one Associated Press voter has Oklahoma ranked behind Villanova on his ballot. Of course he does.

Who’s ready for the Poll Attacks?

Let’s get it!

AP poll: A bunch of Purdue fans wanted me to use this space to write about Jon Wilner’s ballot, and I suppose I could. Because Wilner has Purdue ranked 18th. And I really don’t think there are 17 teams better than this Purdue team that’s 11-0 (with 11 double-digit wins) and in possession of the nation’s best defensive-effiency rating, according to KenPom.

But here’s the issue: I’ve built the Poll Attacks by highlighting ballots that can’t possibly be defended, and I’m not sure Wilner’s ballot qualifies, considering his counter-argument could simply be, “Wake me up when Purdue beats another ranked team.”

In other words, Purdue is lacking a signature win.

And Wilner can point that out forever to justify his ballot.

So let’s leave his ranking of Purdue alone and focus on something that can’t be defended — like Jeff Faraudo’s ballot that has Villanova ranked sixth and Oklahoma ranked seventh.

Yep, Faraudo has the undefeated Oklahoma team that owns a 23-point neutral-court win over Villanova ranked below the one-loss Villanova team the Sooners beat by 23 on a neutral court. I mean, that’s just incredible. He had Villanova ranked sixth and Oklahoma ranked seventh last week, too. Then Oklahoma beat the absolute crap out of Villanova, and Faraudo didn’t budge. Dude kept Villanova sixth and Oklahoma seventh. Like that game never even happened. (Does he not have FS1?) And that, my friends, is the type of dumb thing this column is designed to bring to your attention.

Coaches poll: You can argue, if you want, that LSU will get things turned around, be fine and ultimately make the NCAA Tournament. Not sure I believe that. But if you believe that, you can argue that, and I won’t call you silly.

What you can’t argue, though, is that LSU should be on a Top 25 ballot now.

Still, the Tigers, somehow, got eight points in this week’s Coaches poll despite the fact that they are 4-4 with zero top-100 KenPom wins and losses to North Carolina State, Marquette, Houston and College of Charleston. LSU is ranked 100th at KenPom, which is 11th among SEC schools and ahead of only Mississippi State, Auburn and Missouri. And yet some coach (or coaches) somewhere actually put LSU on a Top 25 ballot. It’s nonsensical — and proof that at least one coach with a vote is either stupid or careless or both.

Oklahoma went to 7-0 after defating Villanova last week. (USATSI)
Oklahoma is 7-0 with a 23-point win over Villanova. (USATSI)


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