Poll Attacks: You work 30 miles from GW but missed the loss to DePaul?

I’d like to start by offering an apology for the delay of this week’s Poll Attacks. But, you should know, it really wasn’t my fault.

For reasons that remain unclear, the AP didn’t post ballots until Tuesday afternoon.

So I was in a holding pattern until Tuesday afternoon.

But we’re all good now.

And, absolutely, I find some silliness quickly.

So get to reading and rolling your eyes right along with me.

Associated Press poll: The days leading up to Christmas are hectic for most people. Kids are out of school. There are last-minute presents to be bought and wrapped. There are random football games on at random times. So it’s easy to lose track of what’s what.

And that’s clearly what happened to John McNamara.

Because the Maryland beat writer had George Washington ranked 23rd on his ballot last week. Then GW went out and lost 82-61 to a DePaul team that is … well … a typical DePaul team, frankly. And John responded by moving GW up to No. 20 on this week’s ballot, which means this is likely the first time in history that a team has moved up three spots on a ballot immediately after being blown out by a DePaul team that entered with a 5-6 record.

Needless to say, John must’ve just missed George Washington losing at DePaul.

But how do you miss that if you’re an AP voter?

Especially an AP voter who works 30 miles from George Washington’s campus?

Coaches poll: The two schools ranked in the Coaches poll that aren’t in my Top 25 (and one) are South Carolina and Pittsburgh. So I suppose I could “attack” that. But, honestly, I don’t have a problem with either the Gamecocks or the Panthers being ranked.

South Carolina is 11-0. And though the Gamecocks don’t have a single top-60 KenPom win, if you respect the perfect record and believe in Frank Martin’s team, it’s reasonable to rank them. Meantime, Pitt is 10-1 with a lone loss to No. 14 Purdue. And though, like South Carolina, the Panthers don’t have a single top-60 KenPom win, if you can appreciate a resume with no questionable losses, it’s perfectly reasonable to rank them, too.

In other words, whatever.

I have no interest in calling something dumb when there’s not really anything dumb, and there’s nothing too obviously dumb about this week’s Coaches poll — except, of course, the fact that George Washington got 25 points, which suggests some coaches made the exact same mistake John McNamara made on his Associated Press ballot.

George Washington Colonials (USATSI)
Not everyone knew DePaul was able to stop George Washington last week. (USATSI)


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