Providence wins at Rhode Island, makes big jump in Top 25 (and one)

Providence Friars forward Ben Bentil  (USATSI)
Providence forward Ben Bentil works to get to the basket vs. Rhode Island. (USATSI)

Syracuse, Texas A&M and Gonzaga — three schools in the middle of Saturday morning’s Top 25 (and one) — each lost Saturday. So I did some shuffling to reflect the results.

Louisville got a big jump because, man, the Cardinals just keep killing folks, and their lone loss is a close loss at Michigan State. And Providence got a big jump because the Friars won a tough game at Rhode Island, and their win over Arizona looks even better now than it did when it happened considering Arizona won Saturday at Gonzaga. Speaking of, Arizona is obviously back in the Top 25 (and one) with a resume featuring a win at Gonzaga and a lone loss to Providence. And Connecticut dropped a few spots because of all of these changes, which I’m OK with considering UConn’s two losses — losses to Syracuse and Gonzaga — seem to be worse losses than they looked when they happened.


Yeah, the Ducks are now out even though they didn’t play Saturday.

That’s because Arizona had to jump into the rankings.

That reality pushed Oregon from 26th to 27th.

Anyway …

Check the new Top 25 (and one) out below …

(The CBS Sports Top 25 (and one) updates every morning and also on Sunday nights. Click this link to view each team’s previous ranking, recent results, future schedule, etc.)

  1. Michigan State (9-0)
  2. Kansas (6-1)
  3. North Carolina (6-1)
  4. Maryland (7-1)
  5. Iowa State (6-0)
  6. Oklahoma (5-0)
  7. Villanova (7-0)
  8. Kentucky (7-1)
  9. Virginia (7-1)
  10. Duke (8-1)
  11. Purdue (8-0)
  12. Xavier (8-0)
  13. Vanderbilt (6-1)
  14. Louisville (6-1)
  15. Providence (8-1)
  16. Arizona (7-1)
  17. Baylor (5-1)
  18. SMU (6-0)
  19. West Virginia (7-0)
  20. Miami (7-1)
  21. Butler (6-1)
  22. Cincinnati (7-1)
  23. Syracuse (6-2)
  24. Texas A&M (7-2)
  25. Gonzaga (5-2)
  26. Connecticut (5-2)

In: Arizona

Out: Oregon


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