Ranking the Barkley, Smith, Kellogg and Gumbel puppets on CBS

Greg Gumbel, Clark Kellogg, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith have spent a lot of time in the studio together providing coverage of the 2016 NCAA Tournament. So much time that it appears their skin has turned to felt and and their teeth have receded into their gums.

At halftime of Oklahoma and Oregon’s Elite Eight showdown, the entire gang was replaced by puppets. It took a few minutes to make sure that I wasn’t just totally glazed over and hallucinating from over-consumption of basketball, but the reactions on Twitter confirmed that the stunt had in fact been planned and was being witnessed by others as well.

Let’s power rank the CBS puppets:

1) Charles Barkley: A lot more arm action than we usually see from Sir Charles, but sleeping to start out the segment added a ton of personal flavor to the character.

2) Greg Gumbel: Luscious hair. Absolutely luscious.

3) Kenny Smith: Bonus points awarded to the puppeteer for successfully lifting the coffee mug for a great background act of Kenny spilling his drink on his suit.

4) Clark Kellogg: Not enough face time for puppet Clark to really leave an impression, but still a great job from the team to put together a solid felt doppleganger.

Now the nightmare GIF:

Greg Gumbel and his puppet host. (CBS)


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