Rape charges dropped against former Louisville guard Chris Jones

Chris Jones’ college career is over; he was kicked off Louisville in February. (USATSI)

Former Louisville guard Chris Jones was cleared on all charges of rape and sodomy by a Jefferson County (Ky.) grand jury on Wednesday.

Jones and two co-defendants were not indicted on rape charges following two days of testimony earlier this week. The charges came based off an incident on Feb. 22, an incident that led to Jones’ dismissal from Louisville’s basketball team.

Some perspective from the courtroom, via the Louisville Courier-Journal, which is linked above:

In an unusually detailed presentation, the prosecution offered numerous witnesses who testified about what they saw early in the morning hours of Feb. 22, when Jones and two co-defendants allegedly raped and sodomized two women in Cardinal Towne apartments on the north edge of campus. …

Cox told reporters when Jones’ case was waived to the grand jury that every witness in the apartment, other than the two accusers, would support Jones, and a Bullitt County high school senior said in a social media post that she was present and that no crime occurred.

According to a separate report from the Louisville Courier-Journal on Wednesday, Jones and his co-defendants claimed Jones had “consensual sex” with two women that night, and that the women in question were “calm” when they left the Cardinal Towne apartments.

Jones had a twisted end to his college career. He was suspended in mid-February by Louisville after it was revealed he texted a threatening message to a separate female, his girlfriend at the time. Cardinals coach Rick Pitino booted Jones from the team, officially, for breaking curfew just two days after he was reinstated to the team following the text message incident.

That curfew violation happened the same night, Feb. 22, as the alleged incident surrounding this case.


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