Scenes from Sin City: Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a winning bet


Each week during football season, Covers writer Colin Kelly
will be in the Las Vegas sports books profiling bettors just like
you, sharing their Sin City stories, big wins, bad beats, and all
the fun stuff that’s supposed to “stay in Vegas.”

When you’re fans of the defending Super Bowl champions, and that
team gets to play in the NFL’s season-opening game in prime time,
could there be anything better than being there?

Well, yes, if you’re Bob and Marti Johnson. Being die-hard
Seattle Seahawks fans has its perks, but going to games at
CenturyLink Field isn’t one of them. Las Vegas is a much better

“We would wanna be here,” Marti said from a comfortable chair
inside the Golden Nugget sportsbook Thursday night, seated next
to her husband as they took in early action from the Seahawks’
game against the Green Bay Packers. “We hate driving around
downtown on game days.”

The couple, celebrating their 11th anniversary, flew to Las
Vegas early Thursday morning, but festivities in Seattle were
already underway.

“There was a major party downtown today. We were up at 5 a.m.
this morning, and fans were already down there, starting to
party,” Marti said.

“The only place that would be better is a
place where they were all Seahawks

Being in Vegas, though, does have its requirements when the NFL
season opens, mainly that you must have some action. The Johnsons
took care of that, putting a wager on their Seahawks, who went
off as 5.5-point chalks.

But was there more to their strategy than just going with their
hearts and throwing cash on the home team? Well, yes. Sort of.

“When we first got in (Thursday afternoon), I went to the other
books in the area and checked them out,” Bob said. “That’s why
we ended up here. The Golden Nugget has the best book on
Fremont Street.”

It proved a good enough strategy, with the Johnsons’ beloved
Seahawks rolling 36-16, giving the couple a little more
spending cash to celebrate with. Strategy aside, Bob said he
just couldn’t see the Seahawks coming out flat before their
raucous home fans, with the team unfurling its NFC championship
and Super Bowl championship banners.

“I just figured it’s their home opener and that they’d beat the
spread,” he said. “It’s pretty jacked up in Seattle right now.
It’s kind of crazy.

“And we figured if we’re here, we might as well bet it. I
thought it was way too many points, though. I think it’s gonna
be tight.”

As it turned out, the Seahawks covered with miles to spare,
making the atmosphere at the book even better for the Johnsons.

Said Marti: “The only place that would be better is a place
where they were all Seahawks fans.”

Unless, of course, it meant going to the stadium.

Colin Kelly is a Las Vegas-based contributor for Follow him on Twitter: @ColinPKelly29.


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