Scenes from Sin City: Vegas legend weighs in on popularity of March Madness

March Madness is getting so outlandishly large that, pretty soon, Jimmy Vaccaro is going to have a tough time figuring out where to put all the basketball-crazy bettors who flood the South Point sportsbook.

“We’ve got two ballrooms upstairs that are just about filled already,” Vaccaro says, about an hour before the first games tipped today and with a steady stream of bettors already at the windows. “We’ve even dedicated four race windows to take [basketball] bets today. The atmosphere now is that the general public takes over for these events. It’s 20-1 recreational bettors over the wiseguys. It’s a party, a theme, an event. You want to win, but you want to have a good time.”

And you want to get a good seat.

“There were 30 people sitting here at 5 a.m., four hours before the games tipped off,” Vaccaro says. “They just want to make sure they get a seat.”

Vaccaro also took note that the crowd wasn’t just a bunch of the boys on a spring break basketball bender.

“We’re seeing more and more women, and a large part of them understand the difference between the moneyline and betting 11 to make 10,” he says. “Thirty years ago, that would present a question mark for them. Now, they’re savvy. Women are eventually gonna dominate everything!”

Colin Kelly is a Las Vegas-based contributor for Covers. Follow him on Twitter: @ColinPKelly29.


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