Seahawks, Colts favored to meet in Super Bowl 50


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Suffering from football withdrawal? So are we. With the dust settled on a wild free agent frenzy in the NFL, we checked in with to see who they have most likely to meet in Super Bowl 50.

Here’s a look at the book’s top 20 likeliest matchups for the Big Game:

Seahawks vs. Colts 12/1
Seahawks vs. Patriots 15/1
Packers vs. Patriots 20/1
Packers vs. Colts 22/1
Seahawks vs. Broncos 25/1
Packers vs. Broncos 30/1
Cowboys vs. Patriots 40/1
Eagles vs. Patriots 40/1
Cowboys vs. Colts 45/1
Eagles vs. Colts 45/1
Cowboys vs. Broncos 60/1
Eagles vs. Broncos 60/1
Seahawks vs. Ravens 60/1
Seahawks vs. Steelers 60/1
Cardinals vs. Patriots 65/1
Cardinals vs. Colts 75/1
Packers vs. Ravens 75/1
Packers vs. Steelers 75/1
Seahawks vs. Bengals 75/1
Seahawks vs. Chargers 75/1


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