Suns pursuing Jay Wright makes sense but leaving Villanova wouldn’t

It’s a tradition unlike any other.

Yes, The Masters.

But also national championship winning coaches being linked to NBA jobs.

So here we go …

First things first: It won’t surprise me at all if Phoenix truly intends to approach Jay Wright, if only because, well, why wouldn’t Phoenix approach Jay Wright? He’s fantastic in every way you’d want a basketball coach to be fantastic, both professionally and personally. So if I had a coaching vacancy to fill, yeah, I’d likely want to talk with Jay Wright, too.

That said, I can’t imagine Jay Wright leaving Villanova to coach the Phoenix Suns.

He’s a Philly guy, married to an ex-Villanova cheerleader, coming off of a season that resulted in a national title, and he has a top-five team set to return. And it’s not like Phoenix is a great situation to walk into like the situation former Florida coach Billy Donovan walked into in Oklahoma City. And it’s not like Wright hasn’t previously passed on big opportunities. He could be, if he wanted, the coach at Kentucky or Texas right now, I’m told.

Consequently, odds are, this will end up being a lot like when John Calipari won a national title at Kentucky and was linked to NBA openings, and when Kevin Ollie won a national title at Connecticut and was linked to NBA openings. Odds are, it’s a story that’ll lead nowhere. And, odds are, we’ll have a few more just like it before every NBA job is ultimately filled.

Jay Wright's name is going to be linked to lots of jobs after leading Villanova to the NCAA title. (USATSI)
Jay Wright’s name is going to be linked to lots of jobs after leading Villanova to the NCAA title. (USATSI)


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