Super Bowl 52 Matchup Odds


Do you think you know which teams will collide in Super Bowl 52? Thanks to one online sportsbook, you can put your money where your mouth is.

New England vs Dallas is the most probable matchup at +2065 odds at 5Dimes, with New England vs Atlanta (+2305), New England vs Seattle (+2440), New England vs Green Bay (+2440), Pittsburgh vs Dallas (+3550), Pittsburgh vs Atlanta (+3950), New England vs New York (+4075), Pittsburgh vs Seattle (+4175), Pittsburgh vs Green Bay (+4175) and Oakland vs Dallas (+4500) listed as the next likeliest contests.

Considering the Patriots’ success year in and year out, it shouldn’t surprise you to see them listed early and often. In the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era, the Pats have been to the big game seven times in 15 years while triumphing five times, the latest obviously being their 34-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in February – the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Led by the dynamic duo of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott the Dallas Cowboys should be a force in the NFC for quite some time, and that changing of the guard is evidenced by them topping the list in this regard.

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Super Bowl 52 Matchup Odds

Odds as of February 22 at 5Dimes

  • Patriots vs Cowboys +2065
  • Patriots vs Falcons +2305
  • Patriots vs Seahawks +2440
  • Patriots vs Packers +2440
  • Steelers vs Cowboys +3550
  • Steelers vs Falcons +3950
  • Patriots vs Giants +4075
  • Steelers vs Seahawks +4175
  • Steelers vs Packers +4175
  • Raiders vs Cowboys +4500
  • Patriots vs Panthers +4850
  • Patriots vs Vikings +4850
  • Patriots vs Cardinals +5450
  • Broncos vs Cowboys +5600
  • Raiders vs Seahawks +5750
  • Raiders vs Falcons +5900
  • Chiefs vs Cowboys +6050
  • Broncos vs Falcons +6250
  • Raiders vs Packers +6250
  • Broncos vs Seahawks +6600


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