Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Prop Odds


It reportedly started spontaneously. Following a 37-13 win over Washington midway through the 1984 NFL season, New York Giants DT Jim Burt, unhappy with his reduced playing time and harsh treatment in practice, exacted his revenge on Giants coach Bill Parcells by dumping a cooler of Gatorade on him, and the Gatorade shower was born.

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The Giants would go on to popularize the shower, dousing Parcells 17 times during the 1986 NFL season en route to their Super Bowl 21 win, spawning a phenomenon that extends today to amateur, collegiate and professional sports around the world.

The Gatorade shower has become a Super Bowl mainstay with coaches escaping a good soaking just three times after winning the NFL’s championship game since Super Bowl 35.

Frigid temperatures were expected last season for Super Bowl 48 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. However, the temperature reached a balmy 49F at game time and the winning coach would not be spared, with Seattle Seahawks bench boss Pete Carroll receiving an orange Gatorade shower following the Seahawks’ 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos.

A clear liquid or water was dumped on four straight Super Bowl-winning coaches from 2007 to 2010. But while yellow and purple have each been used by the winning team twice since Super Bowl 35, orange has been the popular choice of winners from the NFC in recent Super Bowl games.

In addition to Carroll’s soaking last season, the New Orleans Saints doused coach Sean Payton in orange following their Super Bowl 44 win, and Green Bay Packers bench boss Mike McCarthy received the orange Gatorade treatment following the Pack’s triumph in Super Bowl 45.

The winning coaches spared a Gatorade shower since Super Bowl 35 all came from the AFC, with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick staying dry following wins at Super Bowl 36 and Super Bowl 38, while Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh avoided a Gatorade bath amid the mayhem that was the second half of Super Bowl 47.

In the seven big games since Super Bowl 35 where colored liquid has been used in a game-ending Gatorade shower only once has a color remotely close to that of the winning team’s colors been used, when yellow was dumped on Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin following the Steelers’ Super Bowl 43 win.

Conversely, the Seahawks chose orange, the color of the AFC champion Denver Broncos, for their shower last year – oddsmakers had installed “Clear/Water” as the 2/1 favorite to be the color of liquid refreshment dumped on the winning coach, with “Orange” set at 3/1 odds.

Super Bowl Gatorade Shower Results

Super Bowl 35 – Yellow (Baltimore)
Super Bowl 36 – None (New England)
Super Bowl 37 – Purple (Tampa Bay)
Super Bowl 38 – None (New England)
Super Bowl 39 – Clear (New England)
Super Bowl 40 – Clear (Pittsburgh)
Super Bowl 41 – Clear (Indianapolis)
Super Bowl 42 – Clear (NY Giants)
Super Bowl 43 – Yellow (Pittsburgh)
Super Bowl 44 – Orange (New Orleans)
Super Bowl 45 – Orange (Green Bay)
Super Bowl 46 – Purple (NY Giants)
Super Bowl 47 – None (Baltimore)
Super Bowl 48 – Orange (Seattle)
Super Bowl 49 – ??? (???)


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