Super Bowl Odds: Who Won't Win Game


So you’re a jaded Eagles fan who hates the Cowboys and would like nothing better than to bet on Dallas to fail in the playoffs.

On you’re a Patriots hater who would like nothing more than to see Tom Brady lose and if you can profit from that loss, even better.

Well, cynics and haters have a place to make these wagers thanks to some Super Bowl props posted today at Bodog.

Want to bet that the Pats won’t win Super Bowl 49? That’s a -450 moneyline bet. Bodog feels the Broncos are a safer risk in offering this bet and Peyton Manning is -1000 for the Broncos to not win the Super Bowl.

The online sportsbook is clearly nervous of the hot defending champions, making them the shortest
odds in this prop at -250. The Cowboys, meanwhile, are at -1400 to fail once again to add another Super Bowl title to their collection.

Check out these fun ‘to NOT win the super bowl’ odds and some exact matchup odds on which teams will be playing Feb. 1.

Will the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl?
Yes +195
No -250

Will the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl?
Yes +325
No -450

Will the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl?
Yes +600
No -1000

Will the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl?
Yes +550
No -900

Will the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl?
Yes +700
No -1400

Super Bowl Exact Matchup
New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks 9/4
New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers 11/2
New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys 9/1
New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers 25/1
Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks 4/1
Denver Broncos vs Green Bay Packers 9/1
Denver Broncos vs Dallas Cowboys 12/1
Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers 40/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks 14/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Green Bay Packers 28/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Dallas Cowboys 45/1
Indianapolis Colts vs Carolina Panthers 100/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Seattle Seahawks 16/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Green Bay Packers 28/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Dallas Cowboys 50/1
Baltimore Ravens vs Carolina Panthers 125/1

Early Super Bowl Line
AFC +1½ (EVEN)
NFC -1½ (-120)

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