Super Contest Week 1 Results


The Vegas SuperContest (now the Westgate SuperContest) enjoyed another significant spike in entries this year, pushing past 1,400 and pushing the total prize pool over the $2 million.

Unfortunately, the Odds – VSB
computer won’t be sharing in any of the cash unless it does much better than it did in Week 1.

In a week that saw 10 of 13 underdogs cover on Sunday, picking four small favorites turned out to be a bad strategy. Only one hit for the Odds – VSB
computer entry, $1,500 for a chance to compete against the best NFL betting minds in the world, and that was San Francisco -5 at Dallas.

The Patriots (-5 at Miami), Chiefs (-3.5 home to the Titans) and Saints (-3) at Atlanta all lost outright. The top pick of the week for the computer was the Bills to upset the Bears at Chicago and that hit, for a 2-3 ATS week.

In a contest where you need to average 4-1 ATS for nine weeks and 3-2 ATS for the other eight weeks to contend for top spot, starting 2-3 isn’t the end of the world. But its not a world-beating start either. Hopefully the rest of the capping world was stung by the run of underdogs Sunday.

Unlike our colleague Todd Fuhrman who raced to a 5-0 ATS start with four small dogs (Bills, Chargers, Titans and Dolphins) and the small chalk Texans.

He was one of 21 contestants to hit all five picks in a crazy opening week.

Our long-time pal Benjamin Eckstein was 4-1 with the Browns, Eagles, Bills and Titans but missing the Cowboys.

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handicapping brigade.

Tampa Bay was picked by more contestants than any other team (518). No other team was picked as many as 400 times, so it was a big Week 1 loser.

Carolina with 94 and Oakland with 98 were the least-picked teams.


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