SuperContest Week 1 is Ready to Roll

Week 1 of the record-breaking 2015 SuperContest is underway, although none of the 21 Team OddsShark members picked the NFL season opener between the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football.

It was a good thing too because the final result landed right on the key number of -7 with the defending Super Bowl champion Patriots defeating the Steelers by a 28-21 margin.

The final tally of contestants for the SuperContest at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook ended up at a record 1,727 before the Saturday deadline to make the grand prize worth an all-time high of $906,675 for the winner who picks the most correct sides against the spread based on five per week over the entire regular season.

Dolphins Most Popular Week 1 selection

The most popular consensus NFL pick in the SuperContest among entrants in Week 1 is the Miami Dolphins (-3.5) visiting the Washington Redskins on Sunday – chosen 664 times – followed by the Arizona Cardinals (-2.5) hosting the New Orleans Saints.

Among the Team OddsShark members, the Dolphins were picked just five times while the Cardinals were selected the most of any team at eight. Other popular picks by the members were the St. Louis Rams (+4) hosting the Seattle Seahawks, the Green Bay Packers (-7) visiting the Chicago Bears and the Cincinnati Bengals (-3) hitting the road to take on the Oakland Raiders at seven each.

The Jacksonville Jaguars (+3) against the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos (-4.5) versus the Baltimore Ravens were also both selected six times apiece.

OddsShark Super Computer Ready to ROLL

The OddsShark Super Computer is also part of the team and will be competing against other members to see who knows more about the NFL this year. The Super Computer picked the Bears (+7), Houston Texans (-1), Cincinnati Bengals (-3), Detroit Lions (+3) and San Francisco 49ers (+2.5).

Last season was a rough one for the Super Computer, finishing 11th out of 12 and 13 points behind group winner Todd Fuhrman who finished with 51 out of 85 points overall (60 percent).

Kelly Stewart (aka kellyinvegas) placed second in the group but won the $15,000 Mini Contest by going 14-1 over the last three weeks. CH Ballers is the defending SuperContest Champion, winning more than $740,000 by picking a record 76 percent winners, but they opted to use a different alias this year.


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