Syracuse to spend $105M for new Carrier Dome roof, $100M more for renovation


The Carrier Dome at Syracuse will be getting a new roof and other renovations.


Syracuse has approved a renovation plan for its 49,000 seat Carrier Dome, which includes a new roof for the 36-year-old stadium.

According to the school’s release, there is no set timeline or exact final cost for the project’s completion, but the cost of the new roof and renovations is approximated at $205 million.

The Carrier Dome hosts sporting events for most of Syracuse’s sports teams — including football, basketball and lacrosse — and has been in dire need of upgrades. The new roof will cost $105 million as Syracuse will replace the entire roof structure rather than trying to renovate the old one.

Along with the roof project, there will be approximately $100 million worth of renovations to help upgrade the dome’s facilities and meet Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for mobility and accessibility.


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