The starting lineup for Covers’ Super Bowl XLIX party menu


One of my most memorable Super Bowl parties wasn’t really because of the game. Back in 2001 we had the most killer lineup of food for Super Bowl XXXV. I mean killer in both literal and figurative forms.

Between the mandatory 40 ounce beers and various offerings from White Castle, this party had everything. By everything I mean everything to make people drunk and sick. If you’ve never had White Castle, they’re called “Murder Burgers” and “Rat Burgers” for a reason.

White Castle opened its first Las Vegas location at Casino Royale this week. With White Castle and the Super Bowl on the mind it only makes sense to share one of the most awesome and disgusting Super Bowl parties I’ve ever been a part of. Here was the lineup for Super Bowl XXXV food and drinks.

QB – Over 100 White Castle Burgers
RB – White Castle French Fries and Mozzarella Sticks
WR – Peanut Butter Cups
OL – 40 Ounce Old English Beer
K – Chicken Ring Sandwiches (Seriously, onion ring shaped chicken)
Defense – Pepcid AC

When we look back at Super Bowl XXXV, this may have been the most appropriate lineup of food and drink to represent the game itself. Trent Dilfer was the game-managing starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, as they defeated the New York Giants 34-7. Even though he was the winning quarterback of the Super Bowl, Dilfer is often considered one of the worst quarterbacks to win the Lombardi Trophy. Likewise the quarterback of our feast, White Castle, might also be considered the worst burger among their peers.

While thinking of a food and drink lineup for this year’s Super Bowl, we decided on selections that seem appropriate for both cities and teams. Unlike Super Bowl XXXV, we have the potential for a lighter and healthier Super Bowl Sunday.

QB – Fresh Salmon – Fry it, grill it, prepare it however you want.
RB – Skittles for Marshawn Lynch. They’re “just here so I won’t get fired.”
WR – New England Clam Chowder and Crackers – You have to have some crackers.
OL – Sam Adams (playing both sides of the line)
K – Fluffernutter – Marshmallow Fluff was invented in Massachusetts. Who knew?
Defense – Seattle’s Best coffee – Time to sober up and go home!

This year’s Super Bowl food and drink lineup is headlined by an odd mix of potentially light fresh salmon and a heavy clam chowder. Personally, I might leave those out of the mix of my Super Bowl party and lean on the offensive line and kicker.

It won’t be healthy but the combination of fluffernutters (peanut butter and marshmallow cream) and beer sounds like an amazing rush. Add some caffeine to the mix and you might see people lose their minds.

Now that’s a fun Super Bowl party memory that will last forever!

What is the starting lineup for your Super Bowl XLIX party? Share in the comment section below.


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