There are no perfect CBS Sports brackets after Michigan State’s loss

It took just a few hours of March Madness for most of the NCAA Tournament brackets on CBS Sports to be busted. In fact, after Little Rock’s thrilling double-overtime victory against Purdue on Thursday, only 1 percent of our fan brackets were still perfect.

Thursday’s evening slate brought thrills with Providence’s last-second win against USC, Gonzaga’s win against 6-seed Seton Hall and Wichita State blowing past Arizona. If you correctly picked those games, plus UConn’s win against Colorado, Butler’s grinding victory against Texas Tech and Duke, Iowa State and Virginia as winners, then you are the 0.1 percent that made it out of day one with a perfect bracket.

Friday brought a firestorm of excitement, nothing more exhilarating than Middle Tennessee becoming the eighth 15-seed to beat a 2-seed in its 90-81 win against Michigan State. That win against Spartans officially put a fork in the few remaining perfect brackets. Some stats:

Take that all in. And it’s of no surprise that the following tweet calls it a day for perfect brackets:

It was a fun day a half while it lasted for all the Mr. (and Mrs.) Perfects out there.

Crying MJ Bracket (Twitter)
It was a sad day for brackets. (Twitter/crying_jordan)


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