Thursday Night NFL Action Report: Sharps, public split on total


Week 2 of the NFL season kicks off with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos heading to Kansas City to take on Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs in a matchup that has sharps and the public on different sides of the total.

According to Pete Childs of Sportsbook, sharps hammered the under with the opening number at 44, but the public has brought the number back.

“Sharps drove our price down to 42, but the public is hammering this total over and push us up to 43, our current number,” Childs told Covers.  “It’s a case where sharps and the public are on opposite sides and I always like going into a game needing what the sharps need.  We’ll need this game under, big.”

As for the spread, Sportsbook hasn’t had to move off the opening number of Kansas City -3, just adjusting the juice when necessary.  

“We’ve seen a bit more money show on the Chiefs, but nothing significant and they’re playing Manning and the Broncos, a quarterback and team that always attracts public action,” Childs said.


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