Ties to illegal sports betting emerge in Darren Sharper rape case



In a flurry of disturbing details that have emerged in the Darren Sharper rape case, it was revealed the former NFL safety had ties to illegal sports betting, per Nola.com.

FBI Special Agent DeWayne Horner testified regarding a St. Bernard, LA business owner who was running an illegal bookmaking operation that Brandon Licciardi – the former St. Bernard Parish Sherriff’s deputy who is facing similar charges to Sharper – was recruited to gather potential bettors, which included Sharper. Horner said Sharper bet heavily on baseball and football.

The 39-year-old Sharper’s wagers were allegedly so big that the bookie gave his business to “Russians” in California which dealt with higher bets. The five-time Pro Bowler apparently lost $25,000 on a bet with the Russians but refused to pay.

According to Horner, the bookie warned Licciardi that the Russians could track down Sharper’s home address via his computer, stating “They’ll get your address and they will come kill you.”


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