UAB coach Jerod Haase gives nearly $46K to school’s basketball players

Jerod Haase donated more than 5 percent of his yearly salary to the UAB program. (USATSI)

A college basketball coach from a program that won an NCAA Tournament game last season is paying for his players’ cost of attendance stipends — right out of his pocket.

UAB’s Jerod Haase is stepping up and forking over $46,000 of his own money to cover cost of attendance fees for both his team and the women’s basketball program.

Via, Haase is doing this because UAB is unable to provide the money itself. This is a school that last December elminated its Division I football program, only to resuscitate it over the summer after continual community outcry and millions of dollars were raised to bring back Blazers football.

“Jerod’s generosity is appreciated,” women’s basketball coach Randy Norton told “To make that type of commitment shows what type of person he is.”

Haase’s salary last season, according to USA Today’s database of D-I coaches, was less than $1 million. UAB is reportedly set and able to pay for cost of attendance for all of its student-athletes next year and beyond.

The move is obviously good PR for Haase, and in fact could help the program in recruiting. Whereas UAB would have been hampered by rival programs recruiting players, using an inability to pay cost of attendance as means of negative PR, now Haase has stepped up and gotten ahead of the hurdle.

Because cost of attendance is a matter that is now permissible under NCAA rules, and ties directly with schools and student-athlete rights, Haase did not break bylaws in his act of generosity.

UAB is ranked No. 71 our our 1-351 list of every team in college hoops this season. The Blazers open on Friday night at Auburn.


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