UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Hunt Betting Odds and Preview


The UFC takes to New Zealand for just the second time in company history, and the first time since June 2014, for UFC Fight Night 110. The main event is almost guaranteed to be explosive as heavyweight bombers Derrick Lewis and Mark Hunt clash.

Though much of the card is filled with faces casual fans won’t recognize, this card has the potential to feature some very exciting fights. The main card especially is packed with action fighters who hunt for stoppage victories.

Derrick Lewis vs Mark Hunt

Derrick Lewis (-125) is the definition of a home run slugger. “The Black Beast” has some of the heaviest hands in the UFC and is looking to knock his opponent out. He uses his size, physicality and knockout threat to walk down his opponent with the intent of getting their back on the cage. Once his forces his opponent against the cage, Lewis will flurry or clinch up in order to land short, powerful punches. In open space, Lewis is selective with his strikes, preferring to throw one strike to keep his opponent honest.

Lewis isn’t going to be shooting takedowns from a distance but once he gets a clinch, he will try and muscle his opponent to the mat. Lewis also has a good ability to use his weight and momentum to counter an opponent’s takedown attempt and land in top control. Once on top, the fight is basically over with Lewis raining massive bombs on his opponent.

Lewis still bases his game more on physical prowess and a surprisingly strong fight IQ. However, he can be taken down with relative ease for someone with modest wrestling skills and sports some subpar cardio.

Mark Hunt (-105) has massive power in his hands but has a technical approach that has been refined through years of experience. “The Super Samoan” likes to dictate the range of a fight with his probing jab and occasional kick. Though he is plenty capable of pushing the pace behind a big combo, Hunt prefers to counter strike with his counter left hook being one of the most dangerous strikes in the division. His wealth of experience has also given the Kiwi an innate timing and understanding of space.

In terms of grappling, Hunt has built a career out of avoiding takedowns thanks to his physical build. His short, thick base means that opponents are unable to get below Hunt’s hips and drive in for a takedown. Occasionally, Hunt will shoot for a takedown but that is incredibly rare.

Hunt is still a deadly counter boxer but age is starting to catch up with him. The 43-year old has plenty of wear on the tires, which has meant he has slightly slowed and has lost a bit of his cardio.

This match features two surprisingly athletic big men who enter the Octagon looking to render their opponent unconscious. This fight is not going the distance; either Lewis or Hunt is finishing this fight knocked out. Lewis will look to bombard his opponent early and land his massive power while Hunt will look to chip away and wait for the perfect counter.

Other Notable Fights

The co-main event features an interesting middleweight bout between Derek Brunson (-270) and Dan Kelly (+210). Brunson uses his athleticism to aggressively push the pace of the fight and trap his opponent against the cage. He will throw some strikes at distance before launching himself forward behind his preferred left hand. Though powerful, this style also leaves Brunson opened to being countered by a composed opponent. Brunson is one of the best defensive wrestlers in the UFC, as he has never been taken down once. Kelly is a former Olympian in judo and has excellent skills within the clinch because of this. He can land some good strikes when clinched up, but Kelly does his best work once he gets the takedown. Kelly’s striking isn’t world beating, but he has good timing and experience that allows him to offer dangerous counter-striking.

Though overlooked, maybe the most exciting fight on the card features flyweights Tim Elliott (-230) taking on Ben Nguyen (+180). Elliott employs one of the more unique styles in the UFC, as the former title challenger utilizes odd movement and a pressure-based style to confuse opponents. His primary weapon is his jab, which he will throw constantly to pester opposition. He is incredibly explosive for the takedown and loves to scramble on the mat, just watch his fight with Louis Smolka for an example. Though Elliott’s style is exciting for fans, it also leaves him wide open defensively. Nguyen is an experienced striker who holds a third-degree black belt in taekwondo. “Ben 10” has nice, crisp footwork that allows him to work his high-output style in the striking game. He has rare power for the flyweight division with eight of his 15 career victories coming via knockout. His grappling is competent but he does his best work in transitions and scrambles. Nguyen’s biggest issue remains his chin but very few fighters have been able to capitalize on it.

UFC Fight Night 110: Derrick Lewis vs Mark Hunt Betting Odds

Odds as of June 7 at Bovada

  • Derrick Lewis -125
  • Mark Hunt -105
  • Derek Brunson -270
  • Dan Kelly +210
  • Dan Hooker -190
  • Ross Pearson +155
  • Ion Cutelaba -200
  • Henrique da Silva +160
  • Tim Elliott -230
  • Ben Nguyen +180
  • Alexander Volkanovski -275
  • Mizuto Hirota +215
  • Damien Brown -120
  • Vinc Pichel -110
  • Luke Jumeau +135
  • Dominique Steele -165
  • John Moraga -155
  • Ashkan Mokhtarian +125
  • Kiichi Kunimoto +230
  • Zak Ottow -300
  • JJ Aldrich -240
  • Chan-Mi Jeon +190
  • Dong Hyun Kim -150
  • Thibault Gouti +120


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