UNC received another notice from the NCAA: Here’s what happens next

North Carolina received its new Notice of Allegations from the NCAA on Monday. (USATSI)

After an initial report from Aaron Beard, of the Associated Press, the University of North Carolina confirmed that it received an amended Notice of Allegations from the NCAA on Monday.

The NCAA’s case against North Carolina has been multi-pronged and extended for more than six years, covering both an agent scandal in the football program (for which the team was punished with probation, scholarship reductions and a one-year postseason ban) and an academic scandal involving the entire athletic department and a series of “anomalous” classes that went unchecked in the African-American Studies department for 18 years.

In its most recent NOA, sent in May 2015, the NCAA alleged that those classes were used by the school to keep “academically at-risk student athletes” eligible, particularly in football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball. That NOA included five potential Level I violations, including a lack of institutional control.

This new NOA comes as a result of new information of potential violations found by UNC and submitted to the NCAA in August 2015. That new information led the NCAA to re-draft its NOA, which reset the clock on the whole legislative process.

So what happens now?

1. North Carolina will redact information from the NCAA’s newest Notice of Allegations and release it to the public. This process took 15 days from the delivery of the NOA a year ago.

2. North Carolina will offer an official response to the NCAA regarding the Notice of Allegations. There is a 90-day window from the receipt of the NOA to respond.

3. The NCAA will set a date for UNC’s Committee on Infractions hearing. This announcement likely will come a few weeks after the response to the NOA.

4. School officials and relevant coaches will appear before the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions. There is no official timetable on when the hearing will take place.

5. The NCAA announces the results of the hearing, which include any sanctions for the school or athletic department.

The final step could come months after the hearing, so it’s a good bet that this story will continue to drag on through the college football season and at least into the start of the 2016-17 men’s basketball and women’s basketball season.


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