UNC reports new violations to NCAA that should delay infractions case

North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham announced Friday afternoon that the school has uncovered additional violations in women’s basketball and men’s soccer that will delay a resolution to UNC’s case with the NCAA.

“I’m very disappointed in the timing,” Cunningham said.

Which might be true.

But the timing basically ensures UNC won’t be punished before National Signing Day for football or the 2016 NCAA Tournament, meaning Roy Williams’ Tar Heels, a possible preseason No. 1, now run almost no risk of being banned from this upcoming season’s postseason. In other words, in a twisted way, these newly discovered potential violations could prove helpful to the sports that matter most in Chapel Hill.

North Carolina notified the NCAA about the additional violations earlier this week.

UNC now has 60 days to complete an additional review of the new violations. The NCAA will then determine whether UNC’s notice of allegations needs to be amended and resubmitted. If that happens, UNC would then have 90 days from that date to respond.

Bottom line, it now seems unlikely UNC’s case will conclude before April or May.

It's safe to assume Roy Williams will coach in the 2016 NCAA tourney. (USATSI)
It’s safe to assume Roy Williams will coach in the 2016 NCAA tourney. (USATSI)


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