USD, SDSU play awful outdoor game at understaffed Petco Park

San Diego and San Diego State played what ultimately amounted to an ugly clunker of an outdoor game at Petco Park on Sunday, with the Toreros pulling off a pretty nice win over the Aztecs 53-48. It’s a really good win for Lamont Smith in his first season at the helm of San Diego, and a really bad loss for a San Diego State team that seems rudderless at the moment.

However, the hideous play from San Diego State — who shot 31 percent from the field — wasn’t exactly the story here. Rather, it was the severe mismanagement of the event by Petco Park officials, who didn’t exactly plan this one out properly. It was the first basketball game ever at Petco Park. Given the results, it could be the last.

Let’s go to Twitter to hear about the myriad issues that fans faced in getting into the arena.

Then, if you were able to get in — plenty of people were forced to wait until well after tip-off to do so — the gates were not the only portion of the park understaffed. Many of the concession stands around the park were not open for business.

There are plenty of reasons as to why something like this could happen. Chief among them is likely that the game was originally scheduled for Saturday, but was rescheduled so that San Diego State fans didn’t have to choose between its football and basketball teams.

However, this just seems like a total failure in regards to planning this event. This tweet seems to really nail what seemed to be the feeling around Petco Park for what should have been a tense game between two rivals in the same city.

Let’s just go back to playing this one in Viejas Arena or Jenny Craig Pavilion next year.

It was just a rough day all around in San Diego for Steve Fisher and the Aztecs. (USATSI)
It was just a rough day all around in San Diego for Steve Fisher and the Aztecs. (USATSI)


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