WATCH: Boston beat Lehigh on the silliest buzzer-beater of the weekend

The unpredictability of college basketball makes it great, and the pressure of a late-game possession causes athletes to demonstrate all kinds of play in the final seconds, ranging from erratic to effortless.

Oklahoma drew up a great play to get Isaiah Cousins free space for a game-winner at LSU on Saturday. On Sunday, Boston beat Lehigh with the silliest buzzer-beater we’ve seen in a while, and it’s fantastic.

Things that make Boston’s buzzer-beater great:

1. There was a “shin dribble” in there, which seems close to a kick ball but just different enough to be legal.

2. The ball needed exactly that trajectory to go through the rim. A rainbow heave like that might as well be a lottery ticket when it comes to physics and stuff.

3. Our man knows how lucky he was to get a game-winning bucket out of that broken play, and the only thing he can do to celebrate is raise his hands and allow himself to be embraced. It’s smart not to take credit for that shot because the basketball gods deserve more than a few assists in the boxscore allowing that to happen.

Boston beat Lehigh on this silly buzzer-beater. (Vine/CBS Sports Network)


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