WATCH: Notre Dame bench nearly passes out after this thunderous dunk

Notre Dame and Stephen F. Austin have put on an entertaining game in Brooklyn.

This here is exactly why Notre Dame’s Demetrius Jackson is an NBA prospect. Explosion, athleticism, power and confidence.

Let’s take a closer look at that bench reaction. We’ll start on the right. Our man is just hopping for joy and maybe holding people back? It’s either that or there was a HUGE spider only he can see.

Then, our guy in the middle looks like he is straight out of the Kanye West/ Jay Z video for “Otis.

Finally, the best of all. Our guy on the far left appears to be having a heart attack. He’s barely being held up by his other teammates on the bench while trying to compute exactly what he just saw.

More of this, please. Much more of it — throughout the NCAA Tournament. Bench mobs going melodramatic after big plays will never not be fun.

The Notre Dame bench mob is in full effect. (CBS)


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